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Synonyms for crier

a person who weeps

(formerly) an official who made public announcements


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a peddler who shouts to advertise the goods he sells

References in classic literature ?
The chief, and all present, listened with profound attention, and evidently with great interest; nor were the important facts thus set forth, confined to the audience in the lodge; for sentence after sentence was loudly repeated by a crier for the benefit of the whole village.
He at once sent the criers round to call the people in assembly.
The right was reserved for the Buff party, and the centre for the mayor and his officers; one of whom--the fat crier of Eatanswill--was ringing an enormous bell, by way of commanding silence, while Mr.
In obedience to this command the crier performed another concerto on the bell, whereupon a gentleman in the crowd called out 'Muffins'; which occasioned another laugh.
Then it deepened again, before the crier had had time to command silence.
Then calling to him his herald or crier, he would order him to mount on top of the lodge and summon all the tribe to bring in their peltries, and trade with the white man.
"But while I was in the city, uncertain what to do, as I could not find Don Fernando, I heard notice given by the public crier offering a great reward to anyone who should find me, and giving the particulars of my age and of the very dress I wore; and I heard it said that the lad who came with me had taken me away from my father's house; a thing that cut me to the heart, showing how low my good name had fallen, since it was not enough that I should lose it by my flight, but they must add with whom I had fled, and that one so much beneath me and so unworthy of my consideration.
And are there any tips Terry could pass on to would-be town criers of the future?
She competed against two men for the post and became one of the first female town criers in Britain.
Tom has been mad about town criers since the age of two and has been given his own tricorn hat and bell.
Up to 40 town criers will being trying to outdo each other, with most of the action taking place on "Centre Stage" outside the Town Hall.
The voices of a dozen town criers rang out as they competed in the home city round.
Da Silva, a member of the Ancient and Honourable Guild of Town Criers, sexually assaulted the second girl by touching her chest.
Seventeen town criers competed in their annual championship at the weekend, where competitors lined up in Maltmill Lane, Alcester.
Branch wrote: "I am a member of the Ontario Guild of Town Criers and compete at various Town Crier Challenges.