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Antonyms for uncle

the brother of your father or mother

a source of help and advice and encouragement

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Then, on Tuesday, Augustus promptly cried uncle and announced he was withdrawing the proposal.
Instead of raising production to meet demand, they raised prices until consumers cried uncle.
Last week, the administration cried uncle and businesses won a reprieve as Obama backed away from the plan that would have raised some $210 billion from the multinational companies over a 10-year period.
Hillier had bypassed his own minister, gone straight to his accuser, grabbed a vulnerable body part with both hands and squeezed until Harper cried uncle. And that's why the troops love this guy.
America." Even after the ucsc students cried uncle and pulled their phone numbers offline, Malkin continued to post their information alongside the office numbers for the "capitulationist chancellor" who had refused to purge them.