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Synonyms for cribber

one who illicitly reproduces the artistic work, for example, of another

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Named the Cribber - after the treacherous reef at Towan Head, Newquay - it became part of surfing legend in 1966 when Australians Jack Lydgate, Johnny McIlroy and Pete Russell were the first to ride it.
Prospective buyers are informed if the horse is a "cribber" (one that likes to chew on fences, which can lead to gastrointestinal problems) or a "ridgling" (a condition that comprises both the "monorchids" and the "cryptorchids," colts with either one or both testicles undescended, respectively).
Above the show ring - a long, elegant rectangle - a screen reports that hip 129 is a cribber, as is hip 203 and hip 217.
Experts are watching 24 hours day for The Cribber, a monster wave the height of a double-decker bus that happens only two or three times a year off north Cornwall.
Granddam Cribbing Again, a 1996 Oaks semi-finalist for Norah McEllistrim, was by the Arc finalist Lyons Dean out of Cribber, a litter-sister to Croppy Lancer, a speedy two-bend sort who set new 275m figures at Canterbury in 1993.
Ray Peacock advised members on Saturday to have an interest in Some Cribber and she won her race at Wimbledon at 7-4.