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a card game (usually for two players) in which each player is dealt six cards and discards one or two


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Mike Gough On behalf of the City of Wolverhampton and District Cribbage League
I thought, 'Why not make some new friends?' You know I keep a cribbage board in the boat for shore lunches?
Rick 10 Hardy; Thomas 9 Mexico; 8 Cribbage; 7 Helium; 6 tun; A5 meridiem; Post 4 Cyrillic; 3 walk; 50km The 2 Richardson; Miranda 1 DAY: THE OF QUIZ
I once represented my local cricket club in a Monday night cards, cribbage and darts skirmish in some remote corner of the Pennines, and the end-ofevening nibbles amounted to onion and dripping baps and cold black pudding.
We'll all have our phones--especially Jon [Hamm] and Lizzie [Moss] and Lana, the head of makeup--and we'll be playing against each other online and at the same time playing either dominoes or cribbage on the table.
My grandmother loves to play cribbage. She doesn't see as well as she used to, however, and it's getting harder for her to grab those tiny pegs.
The cold garden is a matchstick pegged cribbage of two simple
ANSWERS: 1 Outstanding achievements in journalism, literature and music; 2 Cribbage; 3 Antony Armstrong-Jones, Earl of Snowdon; 4 The bends; 5 An insect which feeds on starchy materials such as books; 6 Dad's Army; 7 Philip II; 8 Prestel; 9 Judaism; 10 Rupert Giles.
Drinkers are joining in old favourites such as dominos, darts, bar billiards, table skittles and cribbage, with many locals forming teams and competing in leagues.
They would play darts, dominoes, cribbage or maybe skittles.
This association was set up to promote the game, and in the case of a Kenilworth league, cribbage as well.
The certified public accountant enjoyed golf, which he had played at the collegiate level, plus curling, bridge, cribbage, and Scrabble.
Boundary has a long history of supporting community nonprofits through events like the annual Cribbage Tournament organized to benefit the Whatcom Dispute Resolution Center and the Inauguration Party held this year to benefit the Bellingham Food Bank.
And who stumbles into this den of iniquity but our wideeyed, innocent (young?) stable stalwart Gerry Supple (right) - a man whose idea of culture is a game of cribbage accompanied by a pint of lager and a packet of cheese and onion crisps with a pickled egg thrown in for for good measure.
The WMC lads were no sluggards when it came to dominoes and cribbage. They were winners of both local leagues in 1950, played between Huddersfield area WMCs.