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a deep fissure

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New Delhi [India], Sep 09 ( ANI ): The Indian Air Force on Sunday rescued a trekker after his team fell in a crevasse at the Kolahoi Glacier in Jammu and Kashmir.
The whole Heritage mountain range is spread over multiple glaciers with many hidden crevasses. So, before we head out, ALE uses a thermal scanner over the area to check that it is safe enough to traverse.
Further down the mountain, when rescuers didn't arrive, she spent another night sheltering in a crevasse. This time she had no tent or duvet, which she had left behind, but she was more worried for Mackiewicz.
'The way up Island Peak was paved with crevasses, which are deep open cracks in the thick ice,' she explains.
On Saturday, he was driving in a remote region of White Island known as the "shear zone" when his snowmobile fell into a crevasse, killing him on impact.
There were one or two scary moments as ice collapsed next to me, and at one point underneath me whilst in a crevasse zone, but thankfully I came through both incidents unscathed.
The theory is that if you fall into a crevasse, the prusik knot will lock tight on the loaded rope, preventing the pulk from tumbling down on top of you.
Authorities said Harry Greaves's body was found by police and volunteers in a 40-metre-deep crevasse on territory of the Paru Paru indigenous group.
CANBERRA, Australia, Rabi'II 02, 1437, January 12, 2016, SPA -- Officials say a helicopter pilot is in a critical condition at an Australian Antarctic base after falling into a crevasse, AP reported.
DETROIT - Rescuers on Sunday night were trying to reach two Oregon climbers stuck on Mount Jefferson, including one believed to be injured after falling into a crevasse, the Marion County Sheriff's Office said.
It crashed into a crevasse at 11am on Saturday local time, with bad weather hampering efforts to reach it.
The wreckage has been located in a crevasse, but rescuers have been unable to reach it due to rugged terrain and poor weather conditions.
An image released by police showed the wreckage wedged between walls of ice in a crevasse on the Fox Glacier.
Rescuers had found the wreck of the helicopter in a crevasse at Fox Glacier, on the west coast of New Zealand's South Island, but were unable to reach it due to difficult terrain, police said in a statement.
Police Inspector for west coast of the south island John Canning told Stuff news website that the helicopter was in a crevasse 762 m up the valley near Fox Glacier.