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afflicted with cretinism

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I realise that it's not compulsive to watch, but I bitterly resent having to contribute by way of my licence fee which funds this cringe-worthy, cretinous tripe.
Some of the initial auditions are horribly cringe-making, as cretinous candidates humiliate themselves in front of the cameras.
This doesn't explain the attempts to revive Charley's chances of staying in Big Brother, all whipped up by BB producers, celeb mags and even one newspaper who ran a cretinous "Save Our Charley" campaign.
OF all the cretinous "extreme sports", bungee-jumping is in a league of its own.
And that there will be no cretinous, foul-mouthed youths with their hands down their shell suits standing on the other side's grass.
But when you are interviewing the likes of Viggo Mortensen, an obviously intelligent man, and Ross only talks to him about Liv Tyler's elf ears, you wonder if you're actually watching his cretinous brother Paul instead.
When Channel 4 started its coverage of racing, it drove some of us crazy by its insistence on treating its presentation as though it were a show, and a fairly downmarket show at that, pitched to avoid alienating the most cretinous afternoon viewer who knows little about the sport.
He continued: 'Some said it was a cretinous idea - that it would deal a blow to low earners, that it would cost over a million jobs.
In one savage review, a top American critic wrote: "A million monkeys with a million crayons would be hard-pressed to create anything as cretinous.
Your parents thought they were stimulating your mind, but in fact they were starting the sludge-buildup process, not realizing that every cretinous word they put into your brain would stay there FOREVER, so that decades later you'd find yourself waking up in the middle of the night wondering: "Why?
And anyone who's seen that show will know no one comes out of it looking less than cretinous.
Cretinous Graeme Conroy's actions fall into that category.
I wonder how long the cretinous inhabitants of aforementioned gaff would survive if they had to spend their tenure on the rooftop?
All championing British food production, nowadays trampled underfoot by cretinous EU rules and largely forsaken and ill-managed by Westminster and ripped off by our own supermarkets.
Or till FIONA PHILLIPS does something cretinous, whichever's soonest.