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Synonyms for crescent




Synonyms for crescent

any shape resembling the curved shape of the moon in its first or last quarters

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resembling the new moon in shape

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The menisci were subgrouped as C shaped, U shaped, V shaped, crescentic and incomplete discoid.
Crescentic peri-alar cheek excision for upper lip flap advancement with a short history of upper lip repair.
Because of the microscopic features, RPGN is also called crescentic glomerulonephritis (GN).
Subcapsular or perinephral crescentic gas formation may be seen.
Electron microscopy studies will show the crescentic disease and disruptions in the glomerular basement membrane, but electron-dense immune complex deposits are not identified.
The primary infection has a subclinical progress or manifests itself as mononucleosis syndrome in a normal host; however, in an immunocompromised host, primary infection may cause severe manifestations with fatal outcomes such as CMV disease (pneumonia, hepatitis, colitis, meningoencephalitis, crescentic glomerulonephritis, pancreatitis) ([9,10]).
Patients typically present with fever, arthralgias or weight loss (61-78%), cutaneous manifestations (30-62%, mostly leukocytoclastic angiitis), peripheral neuropathy (37-72%), pulmonary disease (25-55%, capillaritis reported in 12-55%) and most importantly, renal involvement, characterized by crescentic necrotizing glomerulonephritis (80-100%) (2).
GEOLOGY: The Friends of Algonquin Provincial Park have identified the following geologic characteristics: Eskers, kettles, kame moraines, terraces, drumlins, deltas, outwash plains, sand dunes, beach ridges, meltwater channels, boulder deposits, a kame-moraine complex, a fault canyon, a meteorite crater, striations, and crescentic scars.
They may be linear, sinuous or crescentic, or they may consist of alternating transverse bars, which are welded to the shoreline and are separated by channels occupied by rip currents, as seen in Figure 6 [Goudie, 2004].
These include two finished hafted bifaces and two bases, a nearly complete mid-stage preform refitted from two fragments, a complete crescentic biface, and an unfinished edge fragment (Fig.
1998) Response of crescentic HSP nephritis to corticosteroid and azathioprine therapy.
Indeed, currently the IJV shape is described in a qualitative way, as pinpoint, flattened, crescentic, and ellipsoidal [19].
PR3-ANCA-positive crescentic necrotizing glomerulonephritis accompanied by isolated pulmonic valve infective endocarditis, with reference to previous reports of renal pathology," Clinical Nephrology, vol.
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