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Synonyms for crescent




Synonyms for crescent

any shape resembling the curved shape of the moon in its first or last quarters

Related Words

resembling the new moon in shape

References in classic literature ?
The Germans numbered sixty-seven great airships and they maintained the crescent formation at a height of nearly four thousand feet.
A heavy report recalled Bert's eyes to the zenith, and behold, the great crescent had lost its dressing and burst into a disorderly long cloud of airships!
As he spoke they were all checked by an unusual sight; the big blue policeman came round the corner of the crescent, running.
As they reached the other end of the crescent he observed abruptly, "Stupid of me!
Unconsciously they were walking with quickening steps down the long sweep of road on the other side of the high crescent, Father Brown leading briskly, though in silence.
It was in its octant, and showed a crescent finely traced on the dark background of the sky.
This globe, where they had left all their affections, was nothing more than a fugitive crescent!
Inside, 12 properties are set around a central green in a crescent formation - but the site didn't always house private homes.
The moon crescent for the Hijri New Year (Islamic New Year) is likely to be seen in the UAE on Saturday, August 31, an astronomical body has announced.
Kuwait Red Crescent Society provides equipment for water resources
Under the terms of the transaction, in exchange for approximately 12.9m shares of Alcentra Capital common stock, Alcentra Capital's stockholders will receive approximately USD 19.3m in cash, or USD 1.50 per share, from Crescent BDC; 5.2m shares of Crescent BDC common stock; and USD 21.6m in cash, or USD 1.68 per share, from CBDC Advisors, LLC, Crescent BDC's investment adviser.
In this regard, a two-member Turkish Red Crescent Society (TRCS) delegation visited the PRCS National Headquarters (NHQ) here.
In this regard, a 2-member Turkish Red Crescent Society delegation visited PRCS National Headquarters here.
Crescent will act as a co-portfolio manager for the fund providing strategic advisory on cryptocurrency operations, trading and custody.
RIYADH: Last week the Saudi Supreme Court called on all Muslims to look for the crescent moon signaling the start of Ramadan.