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To indicate the relative activity during daytime and twilight, the diurnal and crepuscular indices were calculated using equations 1 and 2, respectively (Ensing et al.
He took a bit of the razzmatazz off by saying his excitement increased "once the floodlights came on against the crepuscular sky".
All of this is true but there are exceptions to every rule and for the last 27 months Inspector General police in Sindh, A D Khowaja, has provided a beacon of hope and light within the crepuscular gloom of policing generally.
Captured on green screen and metamorphosed into digital avatars via computer animation software, Satterwhite's digital Dionysiacs submit, dominate, and disco to a crepuscular electronic soundscape remixed from a cappella vocal compositions that Patricia recorded on cassette in the 1990s.
An expected proportion of 10/24 hours for the diurnal/nocturnal period, and of 4/24 hours for the crepuscular period were considered.
4)Many species are nocturnal and crepuscular. 5)The Red Kangaroos' hopping speed is about 20-25 kilometers per hour.
Like all titles of this natural educational series, "Night Creepers" ends with a section called For Creative Minds which offers further teaching activities for use in a classroom or at home, including sorting, diurnal, crepuscular and nocturnal animal activities, animal activities, and a matching game called Match the Eyes.
A Billy belongs to a group of pets that are 'crepuscular', meaning he is more active at dawn and dusk.
For this analysis, depths corresponding to crepuscular hours (dawn and dusk) were excluded.
The word crepuscular describes things relating to which time of day?
David Fraser's crepuscular lighting reinforced the grimness.
Se consideraron como diurnas aquellas especies con el 70% o mas de sus registros obtenidos entre las 08:00 y las 17:59 hs; de actividad nocturna a aquellas con el 70% o mas de sus registros obtenidos entre las 20:00 y las 05:59 hs; de actividad crepuscular a aquellas con el 70% o mas de sus registro entre los intervalos de las 06:00 y las 07:59 hs, y las 18:00 y 19:59 hs; y como catemerales a aquellas cuyos registros no cumplieron con las categorias anteriores y estuvieron activos durante la noche, el crepusculo y en horas del dia.