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the sharp sound of snapping noises

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The American College of Rheumatology (ACR) has established various sets of criteria for diagnosing knee OA amongst these the ACR clinical classification criteria are famous according to which the presence of knee pain along with at least three of the following six items collectively can classify the knee OA which include age more than 50 years, morning stiffness less than 30 minutes duration, bony crepitus on knee motion, bony tenderness, bony enlargement, and absence of palpable warmth of knees4.
Crepitus may occur as your tendons move or your ligaments tighten as you move a joint.
(10) Crepitus caused by air bubbles in the subcutaneous tissue is an important differential finding.
(19) However, radiological tests should never delay surgery if there is crepitus on examination or evidence of advancing soft tissue infection.
Crepitus is harmless and does not signal a health problem like arthritis, however, if it is accompanied by pain, swelling, or immobility in the joint, one may require medical assistance.
OA was considered (ACR clinical diagnostic criteria) if a study subject was suffering from knee pain along with at least three of the following symptoms: Morning stiffness lasting 30 min or less, crepitus on motion, bony tenderness, bony enlargement, or no palpable warmth.
The right hip was grossly normal with no pain on palpation or crepitus. There was no associated muscle tenderness.
A palpable crepitus was felt at the anterior chest wall.
Four hours after surgery, the patient complained of crepitus sensation on the abdomen, and then, SE was diagnosed.
Gently palpate up the cat's leg, feeling for any crepitus (crackly sound) from a fracture, swelling that may indicate an abscess or edema, or changes in temperature.
Other clinical symptoms include: crepitus, popping or clicking of the scapular region due to contact with the elastofibroma and surrounding anatomical structures.
When the doctors examined him, they heard that popping and crackling sounds (crepitus), which extended from his neck all the way down to his ribcage - a sure sign that air bubbles had found their way into the deep tissue and muscles of the chest, which was subsequently confirmed by a computed tomography scan.
The symptoms of TMD can include pain or tenderness of temporomandibular joints (TMJs) area, clicking, popping, or crepitus in the TMJs, limited jaw movements, masticatory muscle pain, headache, tinnitus, impaired hearing, and earache.
Physical exam revealed bilateral lung crepitus and normal heart sounds, with pink frothy sputum in the endotracheal tube.