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the sharp sound of snapping noises

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Crepitation in the lumbar region and pneumaturia can be also observed.
The lesions can extend into the underlying muscles, and there can be gas bubbles under the skin which result in crepitation.
TMD SYMPTOMS 1983 1993 2003 10y 15y 10y 15y 10y 15y Jaw tiredness 3 4 3 9 4 7 TMJ clicking 12 16 2 14 5 17 TMJ crepitation 2 0 1 4 0 4 Locking/catching 1 5 1 5 0 2 Luxation 0 1 0 0 0 0 Reduced jaw movement 2 2 1 1 1 0 capacity Pain on jaw movement 3 2 3 2 5 2 Other pain in the face/jaws 1 1 1 4 4 Table 4.
Pain and tenderness were elicited on palpation over the area of the implant, and there was some crepitation.
In order to assess effectiveness, the clinical findings of the doctor at the time of each examination the following were examined on a five-stage score: tenderness on joints, restricted movement, crepitation, swollen joints, severity of the disease (in accordance with CGI (Clinical Global Impression Scale) Item 1 and the general state of health.
In addition to joint alterations, other signs and symptoms may also be present, such as joint pain, reduced or restricted movement of the affected site, crepitation, joint effusion, and deformity.
His general examination showed orthopnea and pain with palpation of right upper quadrant, bilateral jugular venous distension and diffuse crepitation rales in both lungs.
On examination, there was crepitation of the chest wall with Hamman sign present.
15 svocitem (vicomtes) 5 iec (ice) 121 lnewgda (wangled), owl, nicer, fie, wet, age, med) 9 tiecrna (certain) 11 ittiecrna (intricate) 156 eprslud (slurped, lowed, crepitation, fried, wites, gavel, odeum, bayed) 149 rsuatni (nutrias, growled, petrifactions, figured, waiters, voltage, eudemon, beadily) 6 nuh (hun) 10 aby (bay, la) 15 re (re, glowered) 35 hm (hm, waterish, megavolt) 16 ro (or, diablery) 1725 oneznuhxabyxpoe (oxyphenbutazone, prettifications, xu) Total 2275
But besides the well-written passages of description of the bather, we are offered a surfeit of scatology -- genital mutilation and amputation, crepitation, and breast-fondling -- which complements vaginal and rectal intromission, menstruation and copulation, buggery and transvestism in the other tales.
Additionally, she had evidence of decreased patellar mobility along with mild patellofemoral crepitation throughout her range of motion.