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the sharp sound of snapping noises

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During the first postpartum day, the subcutaneous swelling abated and crepitations were audible over the precordium in phase with cardiac systole (Hamman's sign).
Table 5 shows that symptoms like locking of the jaws and crepitation sounds from the joint were rare in the TMD-P group in this cohort.
The patient was referred to the Department of Otolaryngology, where she was noted to have a marked soft swelling and palpable crepitations in her entire neck and supraclavicular area.
Forms were developed on which to check off information on the following: time elapsed since injury, mechanism of injury, weight-bearing status, pain on various movements, deformity, crepitation, instability, sites of point tenderness, drawer sign, swelling (amount and location), discoloration (amount and location), and pain on squeezing the tibia and fibula.
Bohadma (1988) found that most common physical finding in chronic bronchitis is the presence of rhonchi, mostly expiratory, but sometimes inspiratory as well and there may be crepitation especially at bases in presence of acute exacerbation.
The dogs presented with coxofemoral joint affections with signs of pain, laxity and crepitation were subjected to radiographic evaluation.
In PFPS, the clinical symptoms are diffuse peripatellar and retropatellar localized pain with prolonged knee flexion and crepitation during weight-bearing activities such as sguatting, running or going up and down stairs.
Patellar crepitation and swelling of the knee are common.
Clinically, it is not unusual to find a low-grade fever, anemia, jaundice from bacterial hemolysis, and tissue crepitation as a result of gas formation.
In this study, crepitation was the most common respiratory system examination findings, which was noted in 47 (94%) patients.
Joints were not painful, not swollen and without crepitation during palpation.
(23) Patients with engaging Hill-Sachs lesions or glenoid bone loss may complain of pain, crepitation, a sensation of catching, or gross instability as the defect is encountered.
The clinical examination might reveal subcutaneous emphysema, crepitation along the course of Stensen's , [1,4,6,10,14] and frothy saliva.