crepe paper

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paper with a crinkled texture


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You will need: One old kitchen roll tube Crepe paper in assorted colours Card Various other craft decorations - goggly eyes, sequins, stick-on eyes, feathers, shiny paper, etc Glue Sticky tape Scissors Method Firstly, cover your tube with a length of crepe paper or a variety of different strips for a more colourful effect.
Optional: Decorate it with glitter and/or staple two long ribbons of crepe paper to your hat.
NORDIC BUSINESS REPORT-22 December 2006-Ahlstrom Corporation to increase prices for crepe paper grades(C)1994-2006 M2 COMMUNICATIONS LTD
You will need: Cardboard Gold/ silver paint Scissors Sticky tape Red paper Cotton wool Glue Glitter Red crepe paper Method: Cut a long rectangle of thin cardboard that fits around the head, with a little overlap.
Before the leap they let go of the crepe paper which indicates wind speeds and allows them to adjust their jump.
Santa decorations YOU WILL NEED: Newspaper; brown paper; red and pink crepe paper; cotton wool; ping-pong ball; black sticky-back plastic, buttons or paint; pink paint; belts and buckles or black paper; brown material or paper bags; crackers; pencil; string; a drawing pin; sticky tape; glue.
Cover the body with red crepe paper. Tuck it neatly down the neck and round the bottom edge and glue on the inside for a neat finish.
Right now it's covered in frilly pink flowers that look as if they have been fashioned from crepe paper. Depending on the cultivar, these flowers also come in white, crimson or purple.
THE delicate crepe paper blooms of Iceland poppies, or Papaver nudicaule, make lovely cut flowers.
We asked our Grandma to take us to National Book Store and there we purchased different colors of cartolina, as well as crepe paper. We followed the instructions of the arts and crafts book, and cut the cartolina into uniform-sized round pieces.
Buy a simple dress and several crepe paper streamers in various colors.
The snow-white feathers were wrapped around the twigs with white crepe paper, as though the feathers were the fallen branches' original leaves.
YOU WILL NEED: Large coloured sheets of thick paper or card Paper circles or any water-based paint Gift ribbons or crepe paper White glue A pompom Sellotape Scissors WHAT TO DO: MAKE a cone by cutting out a circle of card with a radius of about 8 to 9 inches.
Not just a cute face, Mayhem (with a little parental help) recreates red carpet looks from crepe paper, glitter and sticky tape then models them.
Crepe paper used in the medical and building industries in Asia provides us interesting opportunities for growth in the area," says Jan Lang, president and CEO.