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develop into a creole

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Mimicry is, thus, the vehicle with which both Ralph and Gurudeva bring visibility to their versions of East Indianness and attempt to creolize their identities.
Readers of Tout-Monde who have been following the polemics surrounding the Creoliste group will note that Glissant eschews the Frenchification of Creole that characterizes the fiction and memoirs of Chamoiseau and Confiant, preferring to creolize his French.
The do-re-mi heuristic creolizes indigenous knowledge with solmization into a pedagogical tool that is now widely used in secondary and tertiary education.
Mary Seacole's rebellious, independent, competitive, Jamaican woman's spirit creolizes and feminizes the European male space that is the Crimean war zone, but her achievements are represented as individual accomplishments that celebrate service and devotion to patriarchal authority and Empire, as embodied in the British military.
Addressing female empowerment in Chapter 3, Marouan argues that Morrison creolizes Candomble and Gnosticism by reconstructing and reappropriating them in order to empower women.