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having a margin with small rounded teeth


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Molar crenulation trait definition and variation in modern human populations.
Left valve (upper) with many rows of narrow, needle-like spines; right valve with large lamellar ruffles and sharp spines; right valve attachment area from small to very large; exterior color dusty rose to orange, some small specimens with maculations of yellow or orange on right valve; interior marginal band matching exterior color; hinge with pale brown color; left valve with teeth parallel to hinge line; small specimens with bifid teeth in right valve; adductor muscle scar shallow, with slight ventral callus; interior margin with numerous fine crenulations and length upto 130 mm.
The upper levels of the towers were open areas surrounded by paired narrow pointed-arch openings and decorated by crenulations and gargoyles.
A model for the development of Crenulations in shear zones with Applications from the Southern Appala Chian Piedmont.
Dodge had kept everything bought for her since she was a girl so if I ripped my stockings climbing over the sandstone crenulations of the school steps she just opened a drawer in her dresser rolled away the mothballs and shook out a new pair like the legs on a disturbed octopus beige turning coral pink.
(iii) Crenulations: effect of crenulation cleavage on the main schistosity planes.
Alleghanian structures recorded in rocks of the Blackstone Group include NNE-trending folds with axial planar biotite-grade foliation and superimposed ENE-trending folds and crenulations (Dreier 1985).
A-6), the pointed lateral denticles protrude over the lateral edges, the medians rounded and then 2/2 files of 3-4 crenulations basally, apex of hypostome flattened, sides gently curved (Fig.
Rare black and crenulated kernels from 1mm to 3mm maximum dimension, incorporated within several crenulations of the schistose micas are petrographically identified as being "carbonaceous", being composed of compact ultrafine graphite, individual flake size
Although the gill rakers on the first gill arch of members of this genus often have a row of crenulations or serrations (a series of sharply rounded protrusions lacking any ossification) along their medial margins (Fig.
(No) no anastomose (1) Mesentery shape straight straight Gastric pockets per 0.208 (0.084-0.400) 0.230-0.723 bd octant (1) bd Subumbrellar furrows no data 0.169-0.583 bd per octant (1) Bell color clear, white, or clear (2) pink Exumbrella marking none or crenulations none Bell margin color clear clear (2) Velar lappets per 13 (14-24) 12-21 octant Velar lappet length no data 0.006-0.014 bd (1) Velar lappet width no data 0.023-0.044 bd (1) Velar lappet shape symmetric rounded variable Velar lappets of no yes heterogeneous size?
More worryingly, why do I hanker for it, given networks of text, effervescence, pulsation, oscillation, folds and crenulations. Crenulations.
1, 2), weak crenulations on caput, more conspicuous near eye group and anteriolaterally, elsewhere absent or inconspicuous.