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having a margin with small rounded teeth


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The enamel layer of metaconule is thin and crenulated. The paracone bears a parastyle which is thick proximally but thin distally.
Ruptured ovarian cysts may have a crenulated appearance containing low level echoes with adjacent free fluid (Figure 2).
Diagnosis: The body is elongate and the caruncle is much longer than wide with a smooth dorsum which overlaps its crenulated lateral surface.
Thoracic neuropodia bearing crenulated capillaries and hooks arranged in one or more rows; abdominal furcate and flailed notochaetae present or absent.
Ultrasonography, abdomen computed tomography (CT), and pelvic magnetic resonance showed an irregular mass with crenulated margins occupying the urethra and vagina (Figures 1 and 2).
Lingually, the enamel is rough at outer side perhaps due to weathering whereas it is crenulated at the inner side.
Styled like a red-coloured castle with six crenulated towers, it opened to public in 1903.
The frontoparietal suture is located in the middle of the intertemporal bar, and it is straight, crenulated and enters the supratemporal fenestra on its anteromedial margin.
Crenulation and crenulated cleavages in the rock are defined by biotite with alternating aligned quartz rich Q-domain.
(4) Membranous fat necrosis, referring to pseudocystic cavities lined by crenulated hyaline membranes, is also nonspecific but tends to occur more frequently in traumatic/factitial panniculitis compared with other neutrophilic panniculitides.
malaisei Buhl, 2005, in Buhl's (20116) key, but that species is larger and has head only 1.2x as wide as mesosoma, OOL:LOL=6:5, fore wing only 2.2x as long as wide, and metasoma as long as rest of body with T1 evenly crenulated and T2 only very shortly striated medially.
The crenulated area of the platform (Figures 4(a) and 4(b)) is also more developed on the side opposite to the orientation of the spine, with a smoother or sometimes reduced area under the spine.
The presence of crenulated polycrystalline quartz supports a metamorphic source.