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having a margin with small rounded teeth


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Antennal flagellum unmodified, not crenulate on posterior surface; S5 with a row of four spines on midapical margin; small bees (body length 5.7-6.8 mm).
According to Karsch (1890a), Othiaphysini (including Debrona and Tetraconcha) are characterised by undulate veinlets on the tegmina, fore tibiae with both conchate tympana, armed fore and mid femora, and short ovipositors as in Ephippithytae with crenulate upper margins.
Similar to female but antenna with 34 segments and precoxal sulcus distinctly crenulate.
This lichen can be easily spotted by the pinkish or reddish rounded squamules (specially conspicuous when wet), in general with white margins, with rounded divisions or crenulate, concave, flat to irregular, with a whitish lower surface, and black apothecia.
Apothecia sessile, constricted at the base, scattered, 0.35-1.45(-2) mm diam.; disc reddish orange, cinnabarred to dark purple, rarely pruinose, thalline margin well developed, entire, smooth to weakly crenulate or undulate.
2, 4): all coxae finely granular or shagreened; coxae II-III with granular anterior carinae; coxa IV with granular or crenulate anterior and posterior carinae; sternum triangular, coarsely granular, with deep median longitudinal sulcus; genital opercula granular on lateral surfaces, smooth medially.
It is compared with Thompsonella platyphylla Rose, which seems to be the closest related species and can be distinguished by its large inflorescences up to 1 m high, with compact cincinni of up to 10 flowers and by having leaves with red and crenulate margins.
Elytra moderately convex, oval-elongate, not denticulate at shoulder, more or less widened posteriorly and more or less strongly callose on preapical declivity, more or less diffusedly pubescent or nearly glabrous, usually rather dull; striae generally fine and feebly or not at all crenulate; interstices flat, rarely convex, more or less distinctly punctured; epipleura strong, elongately bristled at least at two basal thirds.
There is an approximately circular anal flap on the posterior-dorsal margin of the scaphe (Figure 1c); the anal flap has a crenulate margin, and its upper side has an anal cirrus, which is conspicuous and located approximately at the center.
Pinnae lacking basal lobe, margins crenulate: fertile pinnae notlocalized at tip of leaves; son elongate: Diplazium
The typically lobate and crenulate chalcedony fluoresces bright green under ultraviolet light, and is particularly attractive for the mineral.