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Synonyms for crenellation

a rampart built around the top of a castle with regular gaps for firing arrows or guns

the action of constructing ramparts with gaps for firing guns or arrows


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This time the crenellations occur on buildings set in rows on both sides of a large, centrally placed pillared edifice.
The entire building process is likewise followed step by step from the laying of the first layer of mud-brick on the rebuilt stone socle to the placing of the last in the top of the crenellation. The cutting, drilling, setting, and attachment of the wooden elements in the upper structure of the towers, the covering of their roofs with waterproof corak, a type of soil used for roofing, are discussed in detail, along with the experiments over varying periods of time regarding what type of wall plaster should be used to protect the face of the structure.
"The rooms include an entrance portico with feature crenellations providing access to a hall, lounge, dining room, breakfast kitchen, garden room, study/guest bedroom, downstairs WC, rear utility lobby/boot room, four double bedrooms, a bathroom and shower room."
They've spent a fortune renovating the place, even painstakingly rebuilding longmissing castle crenellations. Inside, it's still squeaky clean new - it only opened in March - and there's a quirky Alice in Wonderland theme running throughout.
For Schloss Markisch Wilmersdorf is a Gothic Revival castle in the English style, a fantasy of white stucco towers, turrets and crenellations in which Strawberry Hill meets Schinkel.
The worst hovels were painted pink as ordered by the Maharajah, pleasing the imperial prince and his entourage, even the sunset conformed, gradating to fine gold, so to forge him a crown from crenellations, walls that were encompassing as night pressed, glowed atop hills ringing the pink city, city of facades.
Van Leeuwen, "Cosmos, Temple, House: Building and Wisdom in Ancient Mesopotamia and Israel," in From the Foundations to the Crenellations: Essays on Temple Building in the Ancient Near East and Hebrew Bible, ed.
It looks like a cartoon dream of a castle, all jutting crenellations and romantic towers.
A regal figure, set apart by a full-skirted gown and crown-like crenellations around its head, is surrounded by figures who stoop, kneel, and lie prostrate on the ground.
But Macadamia Castle - however bizarre-looking it is with its Disneylike crenellations, served a double purpose, with one of the best gift shops of any attraction I've ever visited.
Each of its 15-by-15-foot buildings had whitewashed, castle-like walls complete with crenellations and turrets.
The main species-specific difference of the new species is that ramifications are large, massive, and densely and evenly distributed along the whole length of the flanks of marginal crenellations. Psammosteus ramosus sp.
As if to say, when death comes, the sun will seem a broken yolk, everything out of sync, the ribs of a cow poking through her skin like tiny arrows, crenellations black as rotten teeth, the trees, tall as towers, marching, unless you make of shape and edge and fog a filter for death's blazing sentence, whereby the cow dissolves to river as she drinks, and the mirrored castle shrinks almost to cow-size, and all the yellows, smudging grass, edging clouds, shining water, seep and blur with blue-black sky and river, and siege-wracked castle walls, till land and air and creatures all burn bright with more and less than all.
The dark red and purple crenellations surrounding the vagina acted as a frame for a perfectly round hole ..." (DH 44); in another one he is confronted with a murdered body: "Her arms stuck out stiffly on either side of her ...