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supply with battlements

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Louis brewery, beyond the crenelated battlements of the 19th century brewhouse, is A-B's true castle keep--a five-story windowless building that houses the Anheuser-Busch Culture Yeast Center.
Up close, and despite the presence of crenelated watchtowers and multiple gateways, there was something almost organic in its curving walls, which meticulously followed the cliff's contours.
Our cottage stands alone on a hillside looking south to the crenelated peaks of Ben Loyal (765m), Queen of Scottish Mountains, and the grey shoulder of The Fairy Hill, Ben Hee (873m).
It is made from a single billet of CNC machined high-grade aerospace aluminum, black anodized, and the front and rear has crenelated strike crowns.
Built on a trading post used by the Phoenicians, Sala sits on a hill with a panoramic view of the Bouregreg river flowing into the Atlantic and is now surrounded by a crenelated medieval wall with imposing towers.
As the display changes, coming weeks will bring centaurs, unicorns, mermen, and several courtly hunting scenesa dog chases a hare; a falconer and a crossbow-aiming figure converge on a bird perched on a crenelated tower.
In any event, Castle Williams produced such a profound effect and brought so much credit to the Corps that when distinctive buttons were designed a few years later (probably about 1812), they were made to embody a casemated, embrasured, crenelated battery of masonry defending a waterway, with a National eagle over the center.
For example, when the first of the hand-held flashlights with crenelated bezels came out, I almost had mine seized by security at a courthouse.
"Feuds": In the faded parlors of Tirolo's two best houses,/the widows still duel at their pianos./Something like Schubert turns the swallows/into notation, circling unresolved./Slugs tryst listlessly to the answering strains of Chopin, waltzing at dirge tempo./High on an outcrop, a castello shakes/its crenelated fist at the tower one ridge over./Stinging nettles defend the granite walls./At each arrow loop, the quick salamander/or the scorpion with barbed tail flexed,/a Gabbiano warrior in chain mail./Under them, the Adige runs to meet its lover,/Isarco, and on to Verona where lovers die.
By mid-morning, the north and central sections of the crenelated four-storey building were completely engulfed by flames.
I started with Anna when she was eleven and by the end of the series, she was fifteen." In the first image for the cycle, a drawing called Anna Then (1989), Bessouet posed her model wearing an ornate, crenelated, and perforated collar that she replicated with remarkable fidelity.
During the second period (ca 1375-1425) the building of the four wings was mostly completed with an outer wall, a crenelated battlement and the vaulted church.
On the Buda side, spiky church steeples and bastions and crenelated battlements punctuate the medieval heights.
Towers, spires and crenelated turrets emerge from the roof in no apparent pattern.
The crenelated edifice of the house at Bly accords with the fairy-tale invocations of "gingerbread antiquity" as it looms in the distance like a fortress, and as an intruder, the ghostly Peter Quint, stands prominently on one of its towers.