creme brulee

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custard sprinkled with sugar and broiled

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We got a chocolate brownie with ice cream, creme brulee, Eton mess and a toffee milk tart.
Raspberry Creme Brulee METHOD Pre-heat the oven to 140?C/275?F/ Gas Mark 1.
Winner Amelia Garbutt, of Salendine Nook High with her creme brulee with raspberry coulis and tulle stack
Creme Brulee Boudino--inspired by the popular dessert--features real caramel and vanilla with espresso and creamed milk, topped with caramel sauce and Caribou's signature salt/sugar blend.
Seed particles of vanilla that are present in creme brulee are one of the main sources of flavor in the dessert.
The spoon of fate had crashed through my creme brulee, exposing my self-sabotage and ignorance to all the world.
The creme brulee was the right wobbly texture without being sloppy but the cheesecake was a bit tasteless.
Comprised of twenty-eight recipes for authentic French baked goods that are as delicious as they are kitchen cook friendly to prepare, the showcased cuisine ranges from Perfect petit Fours; Chocolate Cinnamon Rolls; Crusty French Baguette; and Chocolate Mousse; to French Vanilla Cupcakes; French Chocolate Cake; Fancy French Pizza; Creme Brulee; Parisian Hot Chocolate; and Sparkling French Lemonades.
Great British Bake Off favourite Ian Cumming has whipped up a storm with his winning creme brulee - amid claims he had secret lessons from a top university chef.
Our spies tells us that scrambled egg and custard soup is on the menu in dessert week tonight as the nine bakers try (and fail) to make a creme brulee - Paul and Mary will not be happy.
After getting a fine taste of the savoury side of the menu, it was time for us to move onto something sweet and The Le Cirque signature's Creme brulee and Tiramisu is just heavenly and a must try.
There are brasserie favourites such as steak frites, tuna Nicoise and chargrilled corn-fed Breton chicken, as well as house specialities creme caramel and creme brulee.