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custard sauce flavored with vanilla or a liqueur

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Creme Anglaise is, basically, custard, which was warm and thick and there was certainly plenty of it.
CHOCOLATE MOUSSE CUPS WITH CREME ANGLAISE AND RASPBERRY SAUCE 1 (3.4-ounce) package prepared chocolate cups (8 cups) CHOCOLATE CAKE: 1 3/4 cup all-purpose flour 2 cups sugar 3/4 cup cocoa powder 2 teaspoons baking soda 1 teaspoon baking powder 1 cup buttermilk 1/2 cup vegetable oil 2 eggs 1 tablespoon vanilla 1/2 cup hot coffee Preheat oven to 350 degrees.
A first-year apprentice used horseradish mayonnaise in a souffle instead of creme anglaise for an important Australian government dignitary.
ROSS SNEDDON'S CHOCOLATE AND HAZELNUT CAKE WITH BUTTER ICING Ingredients 5 medium eggs 135g caster sugar 135g dark chocolate 135g unsalted butter 135g ground hazelnuts salt (to taste) Creme Anglaise ingredients 26g whole milk 20g caster sugar half an egg yolk 2g custard powder 80g unsalted butter 2 vanilla pods Swiss Meringue ingredients 3 egg whites 150g caster sugar Method 1.
RHUBARB AND CUSTARD CAKE INGREDIENTS 150g salted butter, very soft 150g caster sugar 3 medium eggs 150g plain flour 11/2 teaspoons of baking powder 2 medium stalks of rhubarb, or one large tin 600ml (one large pot) of fresh custard (creme anglaise) Makes one wee 7-8in cake.
Burtons' chocolate chip bread pudding with creme anglaise also satisfied, as did the apple crisp from River Terrace Rehabilitiaton and Healthcare Center.
We whipped up a creme anglaise - always a tricky feat - to make our alternative tiramisu and baked some melt-in-mouth Madeleines.
Visit The Gramercy to order a whole turkey, sausage and chestnut stuffing, cinnamon glazed sweet potato, trimmings, pumpkin pie and creme anglaise. All you need to do is set the table!
Suss verfuhrt Saner, Suss verfuhrt Herb and Suss verfuhrt salziges Karamell, contrast the sweetness of the ice cream with something that is sour (berries), with something that is piquant (Creme Anglaise Sauce) and with salty caramel.
Recipes are included for Kasha with Apples, Apple Crisp with Apple Creme Anglaise, Alpermagronen (Swiss dish of noodles, apples, onions, ham, and cheese), Grilled Cheese and Apple Sandwiches with Cilantro Pesto, Apple Empanadas, Waldorf Salad, Apple Strawberry Salad, Gingery Apple Fizz, Apple and Maple Syrup Turkey Burger, Savory Tart Filled with Sausage, Spinach, and Apples, and many, many more.
Floating Island with Almond Praline and Goat Milk Creme Anglaise (Serves 4)
Creme brulee * Creme caramel * Pots de creme * Flan * Cheesecake * Cream pies * Curd * Pudding * Clafouti * Trifle * Bread pudding * Brioche * Challah * Panettone * Pound cake * Fritters * Macaroons * Pastry cream * Creme anglaise * Zabaglione/sabayon * Pasta alia carbonara * Custards * Ice cream * Gelato * Sherbet * Nogs * Fizzes * Flips
Mohedian returns to form Mohedian Lady returned to form after a break, as the three-year-old battled hard to see off Creme Anglaise by half a length in the feature 1m2f handicap.
The French call it 'creme anglaise', what do we call it?