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Ujamaa Centre founding director Patrick Ochieng on Saturday said local public figures are increasingly denying Kenyans their group rights when they are cremated.
News, the actor was cremated post which his ashes were given to his father, Vincent Boyce.
Her ashes were later buried at the Wangari Maathai Institute for Peace and Environmental studies.Former minister Peter Okondo was also cremated.
Relatives rushed to the centre immediately upon receiving the news of his death but, upon arrival, found that Rotha had already been cremated.
Ford was cremated in January 2018 and his ashes divided into four urns, someone decided to have them shipped via UPS, according to the lawsuit.
On average, four pets are cremated at the temple each day, with dogs and cats making up the majority.
He said that the deceased are sent mainly to Britain to be cremated at an average cost of e1/45,000.
New techniques for investigating the cremated remains have now revealed a number of people moved to England with the stones from the Preseli Hills.
Senator Panfilo Lacson believes the proposed Charter change will only be 'cremated' at the Senate, but the Consultative Committee (Con-com) says a 'phoenix' will rise from the ashes.
Maryland investigators are trying to figure out how there was a mix-up of cremated human remains given to the wrong families.
POST-MORTEMS on the wrong body and even people being buried or cremated by the wrong family are some of the serious mistakes made in mortuaries which might be avoided if the deceased got the sort of management standards that is given to the living, according to a new study.
MOORS murderer Ian Brady was cremated in a separate cremator which was "professionally cleaned" to ensure all his remains were removed.
Reports say he asked in his will to be cremated to the sounds of Hector Berlioz's Symphonie Fantastique, which tells how a young artist dreams of killing his beloved and is condemned to death.
"We wanted to have him cremated and have his ashes returned to us, but the nearest place we could find that offers an individual cremation service was near Hebden Bridge."
Watt said that a recent survey of people using Angel Guardians funeral services, either registering or signing up for funeral plans, revealed that 91 per cent of expats of all nationalities wanted to be cremated.