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She said: "The High Court ordered us to cremate the remains of Ian Brady because he died within the Sefton borough boundary.
com) and can cremate any pet from a goldfish to a 50-kilo animal.
Identified as Bablu Mahaur, the man claimed, " The cremation ground has been encroached upon by ' upper caste' people and I was refused to use the ground to cremate his wife.
The police took away the body forcefully and tried to cremate it but could not as the death certificate was with the girl's father.
The court also decided to club all three appeals -- by Dilip Jha, Divya Jyoti Jagriti Sansthan and the Punjab government -- filed against its December 1 ruling in which the single bench had directed the state government to cremate the dead seer within 15 days.
The heartbroken husband revealed plans to cremate her body in the country as it was too late to repatriate it back to India.
You'll hear people say all the time, `Just cremate me and throw me in the river,'" Werner said.
THE PARKASH Singh Badal- led Punjab government on Wednesday moved the Punjab and Haryana High Court against the order to cremate Ashutosh Maharaj, who has been in a freezer since January.
Orthodox Jews and Muslims are bound by their religion to bury and not cremate their dead.
There is no excuse for using money intended for foster children to cremate one's father-in-law or to use those funds at Victoria's Secret,'' he said.
A woman was distraught after being told she could not cremate her 23-stone mother because her coffin was too large.
The Tongva decided to cremate the remains and return the ancestors to the ocean.
The godman's alleged son also challenged the court's December 1 order which directed the Punjab government to cremate the frozen saint within 15 days, saying that the state government only has the right to cremate unclaimed bodies.
Volunteers arranged to cremate the body in Bahrain, where they said he had no relatives or close friends.
The court on Monday had asked the Punjab government to cremate Ashutosh Maharaj within 15 days as he was declared clinically dead.