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the remains of a dead body after cremation

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Dailey had put the cremains in a box and had cherished it for two years until last week when her husband suggested they spread the ashes in some place that would hold more meaning for the family.
More people are choosing cremation, and they have a lot of options for using cremains," says Carole, who has a piece (at left) made from her mother's ashes.
The cremains may be scattered at a university plot or may be returned to the family if requested.
and Nicholas R Herrmann 2008 Bone Color as an Interpretive Tool of the Depositional History of Archaeological Cremains.
We arrive at the Chapel by the Sea, sign chipped away by winds off the Pacific: As I steer my mother's hand from signature to signature on the contracts and forms, the woman at the mortuary, plump and rosy as a balloon animal, files paperwork and chatters on about the disposition of your cremains.
The New Yorker piece begins with Chast's family's shared complicity in avoiding talk of the future, then moves rapidly through her parents' difficult childhoods; their hoarding tendencies, trust issues, and increasing inability to care for themselves; the euphemistic absurdity and painful necessity of moving them into assisted living, or "The Place," as Chast labels it; her father's surrender to death; her mother's persistent refusal to die; and her parents' cremains, which she still keeps in her clothes closet.
Memory Paws[R] hold a tiny bit of your pet's cremains (ashes) that are sealed in place with a clear, permanent resin.
Realizing the wild fires of cremation may soon put them out of business, some cemeteries, like the beautiful Lakewood Cemetery in Minneapolis, Minnesota, are creating mausoleums for the storage of cremains as a way to create a lasting memorial for our descendants.
Fifty-eight percent of owners chose cremation: 29 percent storing the cremains in an urn at home, 5 percent scattering them in a favorite place, 1 percent putting them in a box, and 23 percent asking the veterinarian to dispose of them.
Dispatching cremains into the deep is environmentally safe because of the high temperatures used in cremation, White says, adding--no surprise to pet lovers--mourners typically "cry more about Fluffy and Fido than do about their grandmothers.
These are private cremations in which the owner keeps the cremains.
O'Loughlin said Jones' widow, Jessica Pacheco, brought her husband's cremains to the church and her brother Joseph Pacheco, the singer's manager, gave a eulogy.
Buller's cremains, which, in theory, were part of estate assets.
Two methods of dealing with highly fragmented cremains developed for the analysis of the Walker Noe crematory site (15GD56) are employed to document Morton.
In these states, therefore, there is an incentive to donate whole bodies in order to avoid the cost of a burial (donated bodies are cremated and the cremains are returned to the family).