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a Malayan dagger with a wavy blade


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As Creese points out, Dubois is familiar with the writings of Voltaire about Indian tradition, although he does not otherwise refer to Enlightenment debates.
Malcolm Creese is one of Europe's most admired double bass players.
Mr Creese highlighted four different issues in the town - the increasing number of rough sleepers, the cost of rented housing, the difficulty of owning property, and the difficulty of finding professionals to work in hospitals, schools and care homes.
Gillian Creese. The New African Diaspora in Vancouver: Migration, Exclusion, and Belonging.
The pictures of Jennifer and Colin Creese's self-built oak framed house featured last week were taken by Jeremy Phillips
Belonging to the Big House roster, talents such as Jay Rodriguez, Maxfield Gast, AM Aesthetic, Jon Moodie of Jon & The Jones, Luke Rathborne, Colors in the Air, Alice Blythe and many others will be afforded the opportunity to develop and record for music publishing endeavors, alongside Big House and Music Works' engineers and producers, including Dan Tobiason, Chris O'Neil and Nina Creese. Big House Publishing is becoming known for discovering and exposing songwriters, producers and composers without experience in sync, and for breaking performing acts at the top of the DIY movement.
CREESE, Sarah Dangerous Dinos ISBN 9781742831213 SCIS 1542060; Mighty Machines ISBN 9781742831190 SC1S 1539424; Bugs ISBN 9781742831183 SCIS 1531655 Scholastic (Ready to Read--Make believe ideas), 2011 32pp $6.99 pbk
Creese and Frisby note that community feminist research (CFR) is often under-supported at many academic institutions despite being on the cutting edge of interdisciplinary, collaborative, and policy-oriented research.
Creese said: "She was bought at the breeze-ups and she won a maiden with a Racing Post bonus for me within three weeks.
The director of Clovelly Tasmania, George Hawker, and managing director, Stephen Creese, both made statements to the press, insisting that their company was behind the purchase and that Rowling was not an investor in the company.
Vale council alley gates coordinator Lynn Creese said: "Alley-gating is a simple crime preventative measure, which is fully supported by the local police and emergency services."
"Now is the time to definitely have advanced technology folks and strategy people, the ones who look a year or two ahead, look at this stuff and stay abreast of it, even if the time isn't yet right to purchase," says Burton Group analyst Guy Creese. "A huge mistake would be to look at the offerings today, say they're immature and then not pay any attention."
<a href="" target="_blank">Office 2010 hits retail stores worldwide today</a>, The latest version of the productivity suite offers a more seamless transition of documents to the Web via Microsoft's own WebApps feature.It's an acknowledgement Google Docs is a threat and that storing documents on line is important enough that users want it in the same application, says Guy Creese Research Vice President at Gartner.
Exchange Online is a valid comparison--and Microsoft just got a lot closer to Google's pricing," said Guy Creese, an analyst with the Burton Group.