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Synonyms for creepy-crawly

an animal that creeps or crawls (such as worms or spiders or insects)

causing a sensation as of things crawling on your skin


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Lovecraft's creepy-crawly horror/sci-fi stories, originally written in the 1930s, seem ideally suited to all-aural presentations, because, as Bianchi puts it, "Once you show the monsters, it's kind of cheesy, no matter how many CGI effects you can use." That's especially true of the festival's second offering, The Shadow Over Innsmouth, in which a young traveler stumbles upon a village where the residents have toad faces and fish eyes.
Black Spiders SLADE ROOMS, WOLVERHAMPTON AS SOMEONE who instantly reaches for a rolled-up newspaper whenever an eight-legged creepy-crawly scurries across the living room I would not normally put myself out to spend a night with Black Spiders.
Nia Jones, 27, ordered a meal from KFC in Llandudno Junction on Monday - and discovered the creepy-crawly inside her corn on the cob after taking her first bite.
How will Robert Kilroy-Silk, Esther Rantzen, Dani Behr and Martina Navratilova cope with close encounters of the creepy-crawly kind?
According to a report in Al-Madinah newspaper yesterday, a man discovered the creepy-crawly condiment when he opened his sandwich to add sauce.
This ancient creepy-crawly was very different from today's land-dwelling scorpions.
With rows breaking out all over the place and food in short supply, every snake, creepy-crawly and rat within a 10-mile radius has probably fled in terror at their peace and quiet being disrupted.
These creepy-crawly machines could be used to locate land mines, repair hard-to-reach machinery, and diagnose and treat diseases.
Moreover, the sleek, dual-mode Oozinator sports a creepy-crawly look that is one part swamp monster and one part far-out alien creature.
Restless legs syndrome (RLS), characterized by tingling and creepy-crawly sensations, is more common in women and can also disrupt sleep, Dr.
This creepy-crawly treat tastes like a caramel apple!
An amazing, fact-filled look at the science of creepy-crawly critters, sure to delight young readers eager to learn more about these ubiquitous tiny creatures.
There will also be a take-home pack full of creepy-crawly children's activities, English Nature wildlife gardening leaflets and top tips for protecting plants from slugs and snails without chemicals.
PLEASANT HILL - A creepy-crawly Halloween-themed event, `Little Forest of Horrors,' will be held Saturday from 5 p.m.
The art: fantastic overall, as one would expect, almost all of it by '60s artists (an exception, Louise Bourgeois; some of her most celebrated pieces occupy a creepy-crawly, decor-by-Miss-Havisham "attic" gallery, an ideal milieu for her art).