creeping thyme

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aromatic dwarf shrub common on banks and hillsides in Europe

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Red and white creeping thyme offer green foliage; the leaves of woolly thyme are silvery; and the foliage of lemon thyme shares the scent of lemon when bruised.
Perennial/Biennial Plants: Rosemary, Rhubarb, Creeping Thyme, Sage, Asparagus, Sun-chokes, Chives
If you are more adventurous, chamomile or creeping thyme can be used as ground cover for pathways.
The same herbs,plus creeping thyme,make up the Icelandic Mist Toner (pounds 24.50 for 100ml),a fabulous spritzer to rehydrate skin and generally perk up your day.What's more,all the packaging is made from recycled material.
Whenever possible, Leech-Marosz uses fragrant ground covers such as creeping thyme and mint.
I've gathered together a grouping that includes rosemary, wonderful creeping thyme, parsley and delicious sage.
Other deer-deterrent groundcover plants include catnip, creeping thyme and spurge.
Irish moss (pictured), creeping thyme, and chamomile soften the rock.
Creeping thyme is a quick grower and tough as nails, with pretty pink flowers.
Their natural diversity they might contain fine fescues mixed with such spontaneous plants as white clover, dandelions (that bloom early when little else is flowering), creeping thyme, daisies and shade-tolerant lamium make them less demanding and more resilient than Kentucky bluegrass.
Use creeping thyme, soft silvery lavender or flowering chives as a decorative edging.
Fill gaps in corners and against walls with small plants such as creeping thyme, primroses and spring flowering bulbs.
If you have only a small courtyard, use good quality reclaimed stone or warm clay brick, leaving openings to grow creeping thyme in the gaps instead of nondescript mortar.
After the solid driveway of this Palo Alto property was replaced with twin ribbons of concrete, landscape architect Jeni Webber planted the new median strip with low-growing echeverias, dwarf daffodils, sedums, and creeping thyme that cars can still drive over (a garage lies at the rear).
And if you want, you can plant a durable creeping groundcover, like creeping thyme, in the large spaces.