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an uneasy sensation as of insects creeping on your skin

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And I think that takes all the creepiness out of it.
He crawled in his layout in the dark and was overcome with a sickening feeling of creepiness and motion.
Only those who have experienced neither dreaming nor waking distinguish between the two--and dreaming is the same as vision and as death," says a character in Ladislav Klima's Glorious Nemesis, a fast-paced novella, full of creepiness and mystery, that aims to disrupt every firm distinction we make between not only the real and the imaginary, but also curiosity and obsession, innocence and guilt, mental health and an unbalanced mind.
Here's where you can find recycled coal ash, in order of increasing creepiness.
As blogger Eric Mack observed on the CNET Blog Network, leaving the town empty will add "a splash of apocalyptic creepiness to the overall Stepford motif.
5), two young orphans, a brother and his sister, contend with the Gothic creepiness of their Victorian manor-house surroundings, where unspeakable evil in the form of ghosts of former inhabitants are out to control and ultimately destroy them.
And, because it's for yoghurt, this lacks the subversive creepiness of adverts suggesting that the best thing animals can aspire to is being hit with a brick and turned into mince.
In this show, one of those works to be found on the plus side of the "Lens Paintings," The Illusionist, 2007, invokes a congested Austro-Hungarian creepiness replete with seances, charlatans, and ectoplasmic photography (recalling the 2006 film of the same name that starred Edward Norton).
IVRs that are too friendly come off as creepy (see Moshe Yudkowsky's column, "The Creepiness Factor," on page 4).
It comes after an application was launched on the social networking site Facebook which allows users to send e-cards with greetings such as "I think in time your creepiness will become endearing" and "I liked you from the moment I heard you were desperate".
Here are a few ways (in no particular creepiness order) that institutions are tapping into the postmortem market:
Hollywood Dreams," writer-director Henry Jaglom's take on the steep price of fame, is an odd mixture of quirk and creepiness.
Judiciously juxtaposing such extreme sounds with Bunny's schoolgirl flow, at its best Lovers and Crypts generates an otherworldly creepiness reminiscent of early U.
Yet again, as key protagonists in the accompanying 30-minute film, whose only soundtrack is Prokofiev's Peter and the Wolf, these images perfectly mimic the peaks and valleys of dramatic tension underscoring the religious cornball creepiness on screen, set, or sect.
There's suspense, sorcery, plenty of Gothic creepiness, and young protagonists who make more sense than their venal, materialistic elders.