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of or relating to a creed


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Fighting between ISIS and Jabhat al-Nusra and Syrian rebel groups continued throughout the year and became increasingly bitter, taking on religious creedal overtones.
The message of Francis, the saint, offers an alternative way of life, one anchored in a sacramental understanding of the world, an appreciation of contemplation as a different way of knowing, a wisdom that is nondu-alistic, and a pedagogy that teaches through living and being rather than through creedal affirmation.
For the early Baptists, "other" meant they did not participate in the common Christian paradigm of creedal faith, fettered conscience, state-enforced dogma, and infant baptism.
The Russian nation may be motivated by a deep, creedal ideology that has been wafting through the culture for centuries and has now found an unlikely, cynical and cold-eyed host.
Politicians and journalists, Republicans and Democrats alike, invoke it as a creedal affirmation endorsing a range of American domestic and foreign policy agendas.
All of these contributed to the rearrangement of Christianity into a creedal, belief-oriented religion that asserted the divinity of Jesus and correspondingly lost sight of the "existential spiritual legacy of the Jewish Jesus" (234).
It strikes me as necessary to understand, precisely at this point, an affirmation of the creedal doctrine of the two natures of Jesus.
That is to say that, even if the ecumenical spirit of early Pentecostalism had been maintained, its grassroots, bottom-up ecclesiology would have prevented substantial involvement in the formal, creedal, and institutional processes that have characterized the ecumenical movement to date.
This idea about religion is itself the inheritance of a certain type of creedal Protestantism.
Essentials of socioeconomic history include validation of slaves, polygamy, government, creedal unity, and dynasties.
There are two weaknesses: he presents Athanasius almost completely in terms of the fight with Arianism rather than as a theologian in his own right; and this book is wholly predictable in terms of its bias toward creedal orthodoxy.
The creedal formula we normally profess on Sunday is known to theologians as the Nicene-Constantinopolitan Creed, because it is derived from two fourth-century councils.
It is crucial to recognize that when Kristol and others refer to the United States as a creedal nation, they follow the lead of Abraham Lincoln, who famously said of America that it is "dedicated" to a "proposition," the proposition that "all men are created equal.
In response to the ethics of the Enlightenment, Yoder critiques violence by using classical creedal formulations and by reviving and reinvigorating Protestant iconoclasm.
To consider these elements, in addition to practices and writings, is, to use the editor's words, to 'look for religion along broader avenues than creedal utterances'.