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tendency to believe too readily and therefore to be easily deceived

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Charlemont's and Castabella's passivity and credulousness are common to victims of the virtuoso villains of Renaissance drama.
Although DM is essentially the straight man--the sanest figure in his ridiculous world--much of the comedy here comes from the fact that he is a four-square, completely unflappable hero; decent to the point of credulousness, he is forever stumbling naively into Greenback's wicked traps.
See also Guido Giglioni, "Fantasy Islands: Utopia, The Tempest and New Atlantis as Places of Controlled Credulousness," in World-Building and the Early Modern Imagination, ed.
Conveniently, these two men describe in great detail their participation in Arabella's scheme, deriving amusement from Lyster's credulousness. "What a flat Lyster must be," Sir John says, "to be gulled into marrying her.
Alexandra's naivety makes her gullible and, of course, events have shown how disastrous that credulousness was for the royal family and Russia.
It may entertain evangelicals but this supposedly true tale of a boy who had a religious experience while on the operating table comes with some defeating credulousness.
of my childlike innocence, my adolescent credulousness, my fatuous belief.
Cass, whose apparent naivete and credulousness has finally been overcome, responds:
Thus, if only to ridicule the credulousness of his protagonists and the cruelty of their noble hosts, Cervantes seems to revisit the controversial lead books in part two, chapter forty-one when Sancho peers down from Clavileno and compares the world to "un grano de mostaza" (2.41:835).
"'Naive' doesn't begin to describe the credulousness and sense of entitlement that has allowed actors, writers and directors to think they were helping themselves and the world by hanging around the Scientologists' 'Celebrity Centre,' taking 'upper level' courses and gossiping about who was about to be labeled a 'Suppressive Person' (bad guy).
One point in particular illustrates the casualness, one might say credulousness, of this portion of the Strasbourg Court's opinion.
There are a number of poems that are anti-progressive, that are saying that there's this foolish modern credulousness about amelioration, calling people to the classical, Epicurean truth about death, and the illusion of an afterlife (hence my reading Greenblatt).
But in this case, Thane Rosenbaum deserved our credulousness. Saturday night at the Forum Film Festival, part of the Forum on Law, Culture & Society at Fordham Law School, was distinguished by the presence of the most famous orphans in American history: Robert and Michael Meeropol, who until the mid-1950s were known as Robert and Michael Rosenberg, sons of Julius and Ethel.
The second military adventure that Bivar describes shows the Portuguese forces again in disarray and also the credulousness of Paiva de Andrada.