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Scalia's pronouncements concerning deterrence and the death penalty seem to buttress Judge Richard Posner's claim that Justice Scalia has a tendency to engage in "'motivated thinking,' the form of cognitive delusion that consists of credulously accepting the evidence that supports a preconception and of peremptorily rejecting the evidence that contradicts it." (61) Similarly, another academic critic (and former law clerk) has charged that Justice Scalia has an anti-scientific mindset that essentially believes that the quality of empirical studies is governed not by the dictates of scientific methodology but rather by how closely their findings conform to one's previously held beliefs.
I boarded the train the following day for Boston and stayed with my parents that first night, but then came the obligatory night out with my buddies when I credulously bought something I thought was crack cocaine.
For all his sensitivity to FDR's need to appear centrist, Hamby accepts such claims too credulously. It is difficult to see how Jefferson, eloquent exponent of natural rights, including property rights, inspires national industrial planning.
She discusses the history of ideas and various culprits, from Pythagoras and Plato to the present that have led us to thinking we are figments of our imagination including : dualism, modernism, scientism, behaviourism, materialism, over specialisation (so big topics are nobody's focus and concern) and loss of confidence in common sense--the earth did indeed turn out not to be flat but we shouldn't therefore credulously accept all scientific theories that seem counter intuitive.
Widiss emphasizes how the search for an author--and the possible death of the author--constitute the stuff of Nabokovs novel: "Every character in the novel seems to be either an author or a 'text' authored by another; to exist in this world is either to manipulate or to be manipulated, to tell tales or to too credulously believe them, or to spend all one's time and energy evaluating their credibility" (76).
The HCJ's decision put sole onus on Hamas for posing a danger to Israeli security, and dodged the charge of illegal collective punishment by credulously accepting official statements about the fine-grained monitoring of humanitarian needs of "inhabitants" in the Strip.
The authors tested whether there is an upper limit to the number of relationships an individual can credulously support.
One study, conducted in Sweden, found that people were "not able to discern automated content from content written by a human." But as Ryan Chittum wrote for the Columbia Journalism Review, news outlets spread this finding credulously, despite its questionable basis.
(19) In doing so, the appellate court ignored Rule 702, disregarded the Supreme Court's opinion in Joiner, relied on obsolete precedents, misunderstood the underlying rationale for exclusionary rules for expert testimony, misapplied basic scientific concepts, and credulously endorsed "weight of the evidence" as a valid scientific methodology.
Thus, with such a background, Edmund hates Edgar, and Gloucester too credulously believes a lie about his good son, insensitively jokes about his bad one, and doesn't know the soul of either.
Symon is ridiculed and humiliated not simply as a cuckold who naively trusts his wife's fidelity, but for his stupidity as well: for credulously accepting Freir Robert's claim to supernatural powers.
How to Build an Android could use an index, and its author is, I think, a bit too credulously enamored of Google.
For example, he regards the ethics investigation into John Yoo's instrumentalist memos authorizing torture as "brutal," saying nothing about the actual brutality of the interrogations and violence Yoo ratified.5 To take another, he credulously asserts that all of the remaining Guantanamo detainees are the "worst of the worst" "terrorist soldiers,"6 a claim that is so sloppy and manifestly false,7 it would appear to call into question the balance of his entire legitimacy analysis.
We also find that financial analysts credulously accept misleading RP sales data and provide less accurate and more optimistic earnings forecasts for firms with more RP sales of goods and services.
Law is sufficient, they tell us, and furthermore, it must remain unreformed because nothing has really changed, except that we are now credulously being frightened into measures that might indeed change the existing legal framework.