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Synonyms for credulous

Synonyms for credulous

easily imposed on or tricked

Antonyms for credulous

disposed to believe on little evidence

showing a lack of judgment or experience

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Their old friendship and its firm base upon indestructible qualities of character crumbled, and her whole past seemed foolish, herself weak and credulous, and Ralph merely the shell of an honest man.
I did not believe half of what she told me: I pretended to laugh at it all; but I was far more credulous than I myself supposed; otherwise, why did my heart leap up when a knock was heard at the front door, and the maid, who opened it, came to tell my mother a gentleman wished to see her?
This girl gazed with large blue eyes, credulous, when the megaphone man roared his doctrine that millionaires were things about which we should be concerned.
I throw out these queries for intelligent readers to answer, who know, at once, how credulous we are, and how sceptical, how soft and how obstinate, how firm for others and how diffident about ourselves: meanwhile, it is certain that our friend William Dobbin, who was personally of so complying a disposition that if his parents had pressed him much, it is probable he would have stepped down into the kitchen and married the cook, and who, to further his own interests, would have found the most insuperable difficulty in walking across the street, found himself as busy and eager in the conduct of George Osborne's affairs, as the most selfish tactician could be in the pursuit of his own.
These accounts, however, appeared, to many persons at that day--as they would to us at the present, but that we know them to be matter of history--so monstrous and improbable, that a great number of those who were resident at a distance, and who were credulous enough on other points, were really unable to bring their minds to believe that such things could be; and rejected the intelligence they received on all hands, as wholly fabulous and absurd.
As the credulous and excited traveler related the hazardous chances of the wilderness, the blood of the timid curdled with terror, and mothers cast anxious glances even at those children which slumbered within the security of the largest towns.
Whyte, 1956) and "the banality of evil" (Hannah Arendt, 1961), Speer's fable, as expounded in the memoirs he drafted during the early 1950s and reworked for publication in 1969, found a credulous reception.
They face a different kind of prejudice, fueled by opportunistic politicians, fear, ignorance and the age of the Internet - where anyone with access to a video camera can call oneself an "expert" and spout nonsense labeled as fact that will be quickly disseminated by the credulous without even a fleeting thought of fact-checking.
Recognizing the dilemma at hand, the credulous Crusader driver attempted to lock the wing but could not get the locking handle to move into the forward locking detent.
One of the reasons credulous netizens were quick to believe the story was because the publication photoshopped a picture of JPP missing fingers on both hands.
As was the case with the real Houdini, this version of the man condemns the way spiritualists and others he deems charlatans bilk the grieving and credulous.
Apparently, it was a revolt of the credulous masses.
Other flowers, which evolution has sculpted to mimic potential mates of credulous insects, merely inspire frustrated desire among pollinators.
But he looks potentially in a different league to today's rivals, with104-rated Credulous likely to prove the chief threat.
The Apocrypha appealed to the credulous and to those ignorant of the authority of the scriptural canon.