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tendency to believe readily

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But for the profanity of the woman's language, and the really lamentable credulity of the poor old lady, the whole thing would make a fit subject for a burlesque.
Ellen started; for the earnestness and simple sincerity of her companion's manner had produced a certain degree of credulity, even on her buoyant mind.
Joseph Smith, the apostle of Mormonism, or to his benighted disciples; I have beheld religious scenes myself in some of our populous towns which can hardly be surpassed by an American camp- meeting; and I am not aware that any instance of superstitious imposture on the one hand, and superstitious credulity on the other, has had its origin in the United States, which we cannot more than parallel by the precedents of Mrs.
False priests, false prophets, false doctors, false patriots, false prodigies of every kind, veiling their proceedings in mystery, have always addressed themselves at an immense advantage to the popular credulity, and have been, perhaps, more indebted to that resource in gaining and keeping for a time the upper hand of Truth and Common Sense, than to any half-dozen items in the whole catalogue of imposture.
asked Mrs Cratchit, when she had rallied Bob on his credulity, and Bob had hugged his daughter to his heart's content.
The way he went after that plump sister in the lace tucker, was an outrage on the credulity of human nature.
Hopefully, there will be at least four more but there's going to come a point where we start stretching credulity.
To state that the red cross of England 'is inclusive of Wales' is to stretch credulity.
Is he really asking the public to stretch credulity to the limit by voting for a party which is controlled by communists?
of Middle Eastern History James Gelvin strained credulity in his recent lecture, mirroring the Middle East studies establishment's strategy to defend Obama's record regardless of the chaos it sparked.
A spokesperson for the bank said, 'Criminals often take advantage of customers' credulity and carelessness to steal individual information and then take money from their banking account.
Plenary sessions cover credulity and circumspection: epistemological character and the ethics of belief, habitual intellectual knowledge in medieval philosophy: a complex theme, and Dun Scotus on the metaphysics of habits.
Maybe it was because the healthcare workers were overworked, or maybe there was never enough room to conduct an examination with the utmost privacy, or maybe I just wasn't lucky enough to witness one, but in any case I graduated medical school without seeing a single woman's complaint of rape handled in the way textbooks on the Art of Medicine said it should be handled-with complete sensitivity, respect for privacy, compassion and credulity.
It is also, as a fictional film that depicts, in what might almost be a single endless take, a prisoner's single-minded quest to give a boy who could be his son a Jewish burial, a movie that strains credulity.
Jazzed-up jitter-joint shocker strains credulity to breaking point.