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tendency to believe readily

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But for the profanity of the woman's language, and the really lamentable credulity of the poor old lady, the whole thing would make a fit subject for a burlesque.
But when David, unconscious of being observed, turned his head, and exposed his simple, mild countenance, in place of the haughty lineaments of their prisoner, it would have exceeded the credulity of even a native to have doubted any longer.
In other words, it is my belief that the first man was a freak of nature--nor would one have to draw over-strongly upon his credulity to be convinced that Gr-gr-gr and his tribe were also freaks.
"I won't put your credulity to the test," Clara proceeded.
'Nothing can excuse it; nothing can atone for it, - for nothing can recall those years of cursed credulity; nothing obliterate them!
Ellen started; for the earnestness and simple sincerity of her companion's manner had produced a certain degree of credulity, even on her buoyant mind.
Joseph Smith, the apostle of Mormonism, or to his benighted disciples; I have beheld religious scenes myself in some of our populous towns which can hardly be surpassed by an American camp- meeting; and I am not aware that any instance of superstitious imposture on the one hand, and superstitious credulity on the other, has had its origin in the United States, which we cannot more than parallel by the precedents of Mrs.
False priests, false prophets, false doctors, false patriots, false prodigies of every kind, veiling their proceedings in mystery, have always addressed themselves at an immense advantage to the popular credulity, and have been, perhaps, more indebted to that resource in gaining and keeping for a time the upper hand of Truth and Common Sense, than to any half-dozen items in the whole catalogue of imposture.
asked Mrs Cratchit, when she had rallied Bob on his credulity, and Bob had hugged his daughter to his heart's content.
The way he went after that plump sister in the lace tucker, was an outrage on the credulity of human nature.
credulity An Open's Royal Keith Mitchell - 175/1 EW My outside punt.
The NUPL said the accusations had 'certainly gone over the walls of credulity.'
"PMLN's leaders had appealed to get bail for eight months on the grounds that his health was deteriorating at the jail, adding his party leaders and workers should not keep any credulity regarding his status as he was a convicted criminal till the final verdict of the court,"he mentioned.
Brushing any credulity of India aside, Basharat Raja affirmed that the military forces of Pakistan remained ever ready and fully capable to teach a lesson to any belligerent as the Pakistani jets pushed Indians warplanes back in humiliation last night.
The whole saga also speaks of the credulity of the PM who was easily misguided by Swati into ordering the transfer of an official as big as IGP, on the fake pretext of deriding the government.