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a cooperative depository financial institution whose members can obtain loans from their combined savings

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We've become an attractive alternative to people that have been through a number of bank mergers,'' said Jane Wood, an executive vice president at the credit union.
Theoretically, individuals, whether they were licensed or not or whether or not they had any accounting background, could do a credit union audit.
It's no surprise, the, that the credit union motto: "Not for profit, but for service," resonates more loudly than ever before.
The Complete Credit Union Solution is built on a powerful, centralized Oracle([R]) relational database designed to be an open architecture application, creating the flexibility necessary for running a service-oriented financial institution.
However, under California law, Premier America must still be insured by the federal government, said Lesia Bullock, a spokeswoman with the National Credit Union Administration.
Equally important, the Fiserv Credit Union Group maintained long-standing relationships with current clients by renewing contracts with 973 credit unions in 2006.
Under the Federal Credit Union Act of 1934, credit unions under a community charter may admit members within a well-defined area or neighborhood.
Because we conclude that Congress has made it clear that the same common bond of occupation must unite each member of an occupationally defined federal credit union, we hold that the (government's) contrary interpretation is impermissible,'' Thomas wrote in part.
We wanted to be able to reward our members for their loyalty as well as retain and expand their business," said Gina Tatkus, CEO for Parkview Community Credit Union based in McKeesport, Pa.
At stake in the lawsuit filed Monday against the National Credit Union Administration in District of Columbia Federal Court is the credit union membership of thousands of people in Ventura County and other credit unions nationwide.
This allows our credit union to continue its membership growth by securing loans even though the market is constantly evolving.
We view it like other people would going into a major court case - with a lot of apprehension, a lot of anxiety,'' said the president and chief executive of 36,000-member First Entertainment Federal Credit Union in Hollywood.
R], a leading provider of integrated, enterprise-wide data processing technologies for banks and credit unions throughout the United States and Canada, today announced that Ontario-based Community First Credit Union has signed a seven-year agreement with Open Solutions for the Canadian version of the company's enterprise relational data processing platform, The Complete Credit Union Solution[R], and other complementary technologies to handle the credit union's processing needs.
based credit union has an office in Asheboro serving employees of Klaussner's Furniture and Black & Decker, which are among the 300-some employers affiliated with AT&T Family Federal Credit Union.
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