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an estimate, based on previous dealings, of a person's or an organization's ability to fulfill their financial commitments

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13 January 2011 - Credit Rating upgraded yesterday to uaBBB with a "stable" outlook from uaBBB- the long-term credit rating assigned to the registered housing bonds of RC Vidrodzhennia LLC.
Among the items that would be listed on an SEC registration are conflicts of interest, procedures and methodologies used in determining credit ratings, credit ratings performance measurement statistics and procedures for protecting non-public information.
In contrast, preferred stock usually moves only if the credit rating of the issuing company changes or when interest rates swing.
Credit-quality ratings usually can be assessed by retaining a credit review service, which, for a fee, will provide the investor with credit ratings analyzing the safety of invested dollars.
Once the process is completed, the new entity will occupy about 50% of the Bulgarian credit ratings market.
This bifurcation of ratings and advisory services should help ensure that credit ratings are developed and disseminated based solely on a companies' creditworthiness.
Issues publicly available credit ratings that are current assessments of the credit-worthiness of obligors with respect to specific securities or money market instruments.
During the past three decades, the SEC and other regulators have increasingly used credit ratings to help monitor the risk of investments held by regulated entities.
InfoUSA has brought out Business Credit Ratings Pro, the new version of its commercial credit evaluation software.