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an order that is received without payment

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''The government requests the Bank of Japan to take measures necessary to preserve credit order through such means as the provision of liquidity in cases where financial institutions face fund-raising difficulties as a result of unfounded rumors,'' it says.
''The Bank of Japan believes that this measure will make sure that depositors be protected and credit order be maintained,'' he said.
Doing its utmost to preserve depositors' assets and to maintain credit order.
Another reason for the decision is that failures of big banks could trigger a chain reaction of international problems that could undermine international credit order, they said.
The SPB members are systems in charge of cheque clearing services; clearing and settlement of electronic debit and credit orders, funds transfers, and other financial assets; clearing and settlement of securities transactions; clearing and settlement of commodities and futures transactions; and others, collectively called Financial Market Infrastructures
In that book, Francis notes an aerial victory for July 20, 1944, but the history of the 332d Fighter Group for July 1944, the mission report of the 332d Fighter Group for July 20, 1944, and the aerial victory credit orders issued by the Fifteenth Air Force in 1944 do not support the claim.
But this was mostly due to the disbursals of outstanding credit orders by the petroleum, coal and nuclear sectors.
The first step was to modify the ERP system to apply credit orders to the consolidated availability of the parent company, not the bill-to entity.
The spokesman said the priest also defrauded the city's Prosper Bank of $2.6 million, using fake bills and credit orders.
In their last accounts, Cover Shots claimed to have more than pounds 3 million in credit orders.
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