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the maximum credit that a customer is allowed

a line giving the name of the writer of a story or article

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Czech Republic is planning to allocate a credit line of e1/4100 million to support Iran's infrastructure projects," Cumba said on Sunday.
319 million euros of this credit line have so far been used by 1,583 small and medium enterprises, which have invested this money in just as many projects thus creating 6,441 jobs," said Finance Minister Zoran Stavreski.
According to the operator, the credit line was increased to KZT 3 billion from KZT 2.
6 billion credit line with Iran in July 2013 which has been used partly for oil imports and partly for Iranian-made consumer goods, bankers have said.
The European Commission said that it has approved a credit line for Bulgaria, according to Reuters.
The Credit Line will allow us to continue our careful expansion strategy during the next two years.
The manner in which the Government created this credit line hit the target, so that these companies export agriculture products, collect funds and pay farmers", stressed Stavreski.
Neo-classical economic theory suggests the following: Accepting the hypothetical credit line does not cause any financial cost.
The bank has provided a credit line of USD100m to BankPozitif Credi Ve Kalkinma Bankasi AS (BankPozitif), which was in need of capital but does not have a permit to take deposits.
which makes perfumes under licenses for Paris Hilton and other celebrities, has raised its credit line with GMAC Commercial Finance to $30 million from $20 million, with an option to increase it to $35 million.
Swiss International Air Lines has revealed that a small Swiss bank has cut its credit line to the carrier.
15 billion term loan and a $700 million revolving credit line.
Fundamental business problems, like undercharging, poor job cost accounting, or overdue receivables, are not good reasons to tap into a credit line.
A bank credit line (also called a revolving credit facility) is a working capital loan.