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easy to believe on the basis of available evidence

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"Since 2010, we have grown at a rate of 30%+ and we expect that trend to continue," said Founder and Co-CEO of Credibly, Ryan Rosett.
Files provided will include the recently released list of 50 credibly and publicly accused clergy, as well as previously collected files for the period of 1971-2007 (related to prior litigation).
The FY20 budget sought to credibly reverse the recent trend of fiscal deterioration by addressing long-standing weaknesses in the taxation system and to enhance documentation of economic activities.
First, the government of Pakistan has passed a FY20 budget that seeks to credibly improve fiscal sustainability by focusing on revenue measures to widen the tax base.
Not even the SNP leader's most devoted and blinkered follower could credibly pretend that this has proved to be the case.
The group also questioned Tulfo's brand of journalism which aligns with the preferences of the administration - 'vilify those who do their work seriously and credibly.'
not that it isn't good - the sensation of speed, the huge freedom of the levels, the focus on accurate feel over contrived "lifestyle" aspects (eg the crew) credibly captures the spirit of the sport.
In the United States, 96 of 178 dioceses (54 percent) have made public the names of credibly accused clerics in lists totaling more than 2,600 individuals.
There has been little movement towards credibly investigating complaints, including into sites of mass graves in Kashmir and Jammu region.
The institute said it had "credibly substantiated" 336 uses of chemical weapons since December 2012, ranging from nerve agents to crude but dangerous chlorine bombs.
NEW YORK: The Roman Catholic Diocese of Brooklyn on Friday released the names of more than 100 priests who have been credibly accused of sexually abusing a child, joining a recent torrent of disclosures from dioceses and religious orders across the country as law-enforcement officials examine the church's response to an epidemic of abuse.
According to them, 'the yearnings and aspirations of Ekitis will come true under the leadership of Dr Fayemi as his wealth of education and experience will make him perform credibly well.
Sir Vince Cable said: "I find it difficult to see how he could credibly hold on to an honour in these circumstances."
In an effort to restore public trust, all of Texas' Catholic dioceses will release the names of clergy who have been "credibly accused" of sexually abusing minors, stemming back at least to 1950, the Texas Catholic Conference of Bishops announced Wednesday.