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Individuals certainly see a benefit in becoming credentialed in their field of expertise and the professions they belong to benefit as well.
Clients and residents feel secure knowing that credentialed employees have a demonstrated level of skill, experience, and expertise.
In many European countries, for example, nurses can be credentialed as public health nurses or as nurse midwives in addition to their general nursing registration.
To learn more about CCE's Distance Credentialed Counselor (DCC) credential, visit
"We're getting the best doctors, nurses and staff members processed, credentialed and privileged so they can provide the best care for our men and women, and our family members," she said.
Credentialing is important for several reasons; federal, state or local law may require specific credentials to legally perform some jobs; employers may choose to hire only employees who have certain credentials, or to pay those employees more; credentials may improve an employee's prospects for promotion; credentialed service members demonstrate to prospective civilian employers that their skills are on par with their civilian peers; and civilian credentialing can contribute to military career development, and may be accepted for self-development requirements and in performance evaluations.
Being credentialed, however, tells a potential employer that an applicant is knowledgeable in core public health competencies, he said, adding that credentialing may also encourage more real-life public health practice experience and education before graduation.
The Certified Information Technology Professional is a CPA credentialed as a technology professional and recognized for his or her unique ability to bridge the gaps between business and technology.
In the process they have managed to manufacture an apparent shortage of "qualified," that is, credentialed teachers.
Physicians who join The Institute in July, for instance, can be credentialed by September.
In 1999, the majority of teachers serving deaf and hard of hearing students in the rural northern California areas were not credentialed in the area of Deaf Education.
These standards for accreditation empower the medical staff leadership to act on behalf of the governing body and the community to preserve the quality of patient care provided by credentialed physicians.