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Then I continued in a southerly direction along the coast toward the village of Thuria, where I hoped to find Goork and deliver to him my credentials.
At the ominous word `liberality,' Scrooge frowned, and shook his head, and handed the credentials back.
His excellency, having mounted on the small of my right leg, advanced forwards up to my face, with about a dozen of his retinue; and producing his credentials under the signet royal, which he applied close to my eyes, spoke about ten minutes without any signs of anger, but with a kind of determinate resolution, often pointing forwards, which, as I afterwards found, was towards the capital city, about half a mile distant; whither it was agreed by his majesty in council that I must be conveyed.
"Indeed, that doubtless would have happened if his credentials had not been so favorable."
A clerk arose questioningly as he entered, and at his request to have a word with the minister asked his credentials. The visitor slipped a plain metal armlet from above his elbow, and pointing to an inscription upon its inner surface, whispered a word or two to the clerk.
I carry no other credentials. This was to be enough.
On this hint, Mr Plornish retired to communicate with his Principal, and presently came back with the required credentials. Then said Captain Maroon, 'Now, how much time do you want to make the other twenty in?
My credentials, entries, and memoranda, are all comprehended in the one line, `Recalled to Life;' which may mean anything.
Mr Cheeryble, being of course wholly unsuspicious that such reflections were presenting themselves to his young friend, proceeded to give him the needful credentials and directions for his first visit, which was to be made next morning; and all preliminaries being arranged, and the strictest secrecy enjoined, Nicholas walked home for the night very thoughtfully indeed.
By embracing technological advances that add value, transparency, and portability to its current pool of credential holders and credential applicants, NEHAs Credentialing Department will be poised to manage and support the swell of credentialing needs that will come about from the bills currently in the U.S.
"They're using automation and technology to do things like credential cracking and the bots themselves create the malware and distribute it, Lynch said.
The post Credential reuse poses major threats to enterprise security appeared first on Tahawul Tech.
One of those sources could be outside our borders, and a credential that is compliant with an international standardsuch as ISO/IEC 17024:2012--which helps organizations bring uniformity to personnel certification.
1,875 funded credentialing opportunities are available for enlisted personnel with at least one credential opportunity for every Sailor to earn.
The ECA PIV-I credential is a federated identity credential in the federal government because it crosses over defense (ECA) and civilian (PIV-I) communities of interest, thus providing a single high-assurance credential with full interoperability throughout the government.