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Creative visualisation is a technique Felicity uses to plan her poems in her mind before she puts pen to paper.
Those attending Dr Wood's course, on Friday, January 12 and Monday, January 15, will also learn of the importance of goalsetting, creative visualisation, self-talk and - crucially - relaxation.
The technique for creative visualisation is simple,'' says Yasmin, author of Cosmic Love.
Tony & Tina kicked off their hugely successful company by using creative visualisation techniques.
Maplecroft specialises in the analysis and creative visualisation of global risks.
She also lived in Middlesbrough for three years while studying a Creative Visualisation degree at Teesside University.
Matt Sibley, 22, from Stockton-on-Tees, studied the BSc (Hons) Computer Animation degree, while both Richard Himsworth, 24, from Loftus, and Sara Waters, 24, from Middlesbrough, studied the BSc (Hons) Creative Visualisation course.
No I don't have a magic wand but through creative visualisation you can achieve personal change in all aspects of your life.
Phil, who is originally from a small village near Wakefield, graduated from Teesside University seven years ago with a degree in creative visualisation.