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an important intellectual

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So she's not just a creative thinker, she's a true activist--she knows how to get things done," says Dunn.
If the world Walter Mosley skillfully crafts in these nine stories comes to pass, the unemployed, the creative thinker, people of color, the Jews, the non-conformists, the poor, the working class, the entrepreneur and the intelligent should all be wary.
It, instead, relies upon the abilities, skills, and resources of the creative thinker, and developing a creative mind is reliant on exposing oneself to new ideas and ways of thinking, as well as practicing those ways of thinking.
The guest speaker was Ivor Tymchak, creative thinker, artist and consultant who ran a fun and thought-provoking presentation, "Assume Nothing".
He looks closely at the individual creative thinker and core ideas about creativity, such as developing understanding of the creative process, overcoming blocks, learning to build on ideas and criticize them, making time to think, becoming more confident, listening for ideas, and keeping a notebook.
TEENAGERS have voted the chief of mobile phone manufacturer Nokia the most creative thinker of modern times, according to a new survey.
It aims to encourage dialogue between the audience and the creative thinker and builds a symbolic bridge enabling the creation of an exciting interactive art work, said Musarrat Naheed Imam, Director Visual Arts of PNCA.
He's a very creative thinker, but he also has a capability to implement the vision.
He is an innovative and creative thinker who can put exceptional ideas into practice.
Led by Adam Hanft, renowned business journalist and trend authority -- and Doug Raboy, celebrated creative thinker -- HU consists of three practice areas: Fishtank Consulting, Hanft Raboy & Partners, for advertising and interactive services; and Garvey Publishing.
During his tenure, John has proven himself a strong seller, a creative thinker and a strategic manager," states Richard O'Connor, President of the VNU Travel & Performance Group.
Gord's background and experience as a corporate leader and creative thinker has led him to the development of several technology and energy-oriented projects and companies in recent years.
The program seeks to motivate middle school and high school girls interested in STEM careers to become innovative and creative thinkers and to pursue careers in this area.
The app gives entrepreneurs and creative thinkers their own personal soapbox to pitch their ideas, receive feedback and win funding.
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