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Synonyms for create

Synonyms for create

to form by artistic effort

Synonyms for create

make or cause to be or to become

bring into existence

pursue a creative activity

invest with a new title, office, or rank

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create by artistic means


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Though most people find this form of answer acceptable for explaining other things, it is typically found unsatisfactory for the question of how a brain creates a mind, since people want an answer of a different sort: one invoking the metaphysical or supernatural.
A little motion will get the defense thinking too much and create mismatches
As part of the market value process, the customer and shareholder value map (on page 17) depicts the combination of customer value and shareholder value that a strategy creates. Here's how to use the map: First, measure the customer value you've created (the result of your marketing strategy) along the horizontal dimension.
To create a videodisc, you first create a videotape that contains all the segments of video and audio you wish to use; you then send it to a vendor who makes a master from which numerous copies can be made, or alternatively, a supplier which creates single copies of discs for about U.S.
As an example of how to use prototypes in marketing, one major shoe manufacturer creates hundreds of new shoe heel designs each year.
The capacity to kiln-dry and plane the wood creates even more jobs.
This steering committee creates data standards, and policies about who can extract data and what long-term goals need to be achieved.
Immediately thereafter, the filter driver creates a point-in-time view of the system volume and a bitmap describing the used sectors on this volume.
In Lincoln Savings, the Court provided that an expenditure is capital if it creates or enhances a "separate and distinct asset." In INDOPCO, however, the Court found that the creation of a separate and distinct asset was not a necessary condition for classifying it as a capital expenditure; rather, the taxpayer had to capitalize expenditures that produced a "significant long-term future benefit." Unfortunately, INDOPCO may have done more harm than good, as the broad nature of the long-term future-benefit test only increased uncertainty, reinforcing the need for additional detailed guidance.
A high-speed, high-tech, consumer-oriented society creates over-consumption of natural resources and energy, and pollution in the air, in water systems, and on land.
Re-purposing digital document content creates new publication avenues and potentially creates new revenue streams for competitive enterprises.
"Although it creates a separate entity and currency, this entity is governed by the same board of directors.
CEO leadership goes beyond content and creates the context for what is important or valued within our organizations.
However, the time is well spent because it creates a solid foundation.
Each of these portions can give rise to a normal animal, so the procedure creates twins, triplets, or quadruplets.