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yellow with a creamy tinge

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While the true species has rather unspectacular flowers, there are very beautiful varieties like citrina which has creamy-yellow flowers; lutescens, yellow; and a particularly fine yellow form known as Picos de Europa.
Look out for the slow-growing hedera colchica dentata variegata, which has large, handsome dark-green leaves patterned with silver and creamy-yellow. Where space is limited, hedera helix varieties are a better choice.
Trujillo, Rio Saguas, El Amparo, 10 km arriba de Biscucuy, carretera Biscucuy-Bocono, en selva de montana, 800-950 m, large herb on ground forming colonies in partial shade, leaves to 2.5 m long x 10 cm wide, matte and rich green adaxially, glossy medium green abaxially, peduncle erect, corolla white with tip of pistil greenish, pollen golden yellow, filaments white, developing ovaries creamy-yellow, common, 22 August 1967, Bunting 2287 (US 2 sheets); Disto.
Creamy-yellow mushrooms with a distinctive frilly trumpet shape with a slightly rubbery texture.
But the creamy-yellow or orangey mushrooms also appear to favour conditions around Flintshire County Council's HQ where they have been growing in abundance.
For all that, the gardenia is a lovely house or conservatory plant, an evergreen with dark, glossy leaves and fragrant ivory-white blooms that gradually turn creamy-yellow as they fade.
x kewensis Variegatum has a creamy-yellow variegation with strong yellow flowers.
"It must have been about 8ft long in all and it had brown and creamy-yellow circular markings.
The most popular of these conservatory pot plants is the Banana Shrub (M figo), with its creamy-yellow, goblet-shaped flowers edged with maroon.
THE bright red bracts of poinsettia are traditionally associated with Christmas, but if you shop around you can take your pick from salmon, pink, creamy-yellow and ivory shades as well.
Breeders are still striving to obtain a pure, strong yellow, but currently the nearest seems to be creamy-yellow Germa, a medium-sized variety with rather narrow blooms.
ANOTHER great shrub for winter, its branches are covered with creamy-yellow, multi-petalled flowers with a gloriously sweet scent.
It will make a beautiful display with masses of attractive large creamy-yellow flowers adorning this evergreen climber from summer through to early autumn.
Breeders are still striving to obtain a pure, strong yellow,but currently the nearest seems to be creamy-yellow Germa,a medium-sized variety with rather narrow blooms.
As well as the bright red variety there are salmon, pink, creamy-yellow and ivory shades to choose from.