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having the color of fresh cream

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nigra by the following pelage characteristics: 1, no or few creamy-white guard hairs on the back, compared with creamy-white guard hairs on the waist and buttock areas, but those of P.
American holly flowers are creamy-white and small, with four tiny petals.
White Swan has masses of creamy-white, bell shaped, double flowers that are 2" (5cm) in size.
The waxy petals are creamy-white with a wide band of gold speckled and dashed with crimson.
But once you get past its gatorlike exterior, the creamy-white pulp is sweet and juicy.
Featuring a creamy-white shade, the paper has a single layer of an extra heavy-weight coated film on each side that latches on to toner to create crisp, clear images.
petiolaris, a woody climber with broad, rounded leaves and large open heads of creamy-white flowers in summer.
aucuparia, the most common variety, is a medium-sized tree which can grow to 15m (50ft) and produces clusters of creamy-white flowers in spring followed by the berries in autumn.
I love the sunny yellow-centred leaves of E japonicus `Aureopictus' or the creamy-white edges of E.
The Queen wore a red and white matching floral print jacket and skirt with a creamy-white hat to the reception in Bute House, the official residence of First Minister Donald Dewar.
grandiflora, an evergreen growing up to 18m (60ft) and producing huge, perfumed, creamy-white flowers from July to September.
Two other species, which may not tolerate severe winter weather or prolonged frost,are Sarcococca ruscifolia ,a 90 cm (3ft) species with creamy-white flowers and dark red berries,and Sarcococca saligna ,of similar height but spreading more rampantly, with unscented greenish-white flowers and purple fruits.
Guinness spokesperson Helen McEwan said: "A creamy-white Guinness froth moustache on the top of the lip is intrinsic to the enjoyment of a pint.
This variety presents the most unusual mix of creamy-white flowers with apricot-pink centres, which are an excellent choice if you covet naturalising bulbs.
Lonicera fragrantissima is an invaluable border shrub providing sweet, fragrant, creamy-white flowers from late winter into spring, which are followed by red berries.