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having the color of fresh cream

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nigra by the following pelage characteristics: 1, no or few creamy-white guard hairs on the back, compared with creamy-white guard hairs on the waist and buttock areas, but those of P.
The adult moth lays her eggs in the open pea flowers and these hatch into the tiny, creamy-white caterpillars with dark spots on their backs.
American holly flowers are creamy-white and small, with four tiny petals.
White Swan has masses of creamy-white, bell shaped, double flowers that are 2" (5cm) in size.
The waxy petals are creamy-white with a wide band of gold speckled and dashed with crimson.
This variety presents the most unusual mix of creamy-white flowers with apricot-pink centres, excellent if you covet naturalising bulbs.
petiolaris, a woody climber with broad, rounded leaves and large open heads of creamy-white flowers in summer.
aucuparia, the most common variety, is a medium-sized tree which can grow to 15m (50ft) and produces clusters of creamy-white flowers in spring followed by the berries in autumn.
I love the sunny yellow-centred leaves of E japonicus `Aureopictus' or the creamy-white edges of E.
The Queen wore a red and white matching floral print jacket and skirt with a creamy-white hat to the reception in Bute House, the official residence of First Minister Donald Dewar.
grandiflora, an evergreen growing up to 18m (60ft) and producing huge, perfumed, creamy-white flowers from July to September.
Two other species, which may not tolerate severe winter weather or prolonged frost,are Sarcococca ruscifolia ,a 90 cm (3ft) species with creamy-white flowers and dark red berries,and Sarcococca saligna ,of similar height but spreading more rampantly, with unscented greenish-white flowers and purple fruits.
Guinness spokesperson Helen McEwan said: "A creamy-white Guinness froth moustache on the top of the lip is intrinsic to the enjoyment of a pint.
This variety presents the most unusual mix of creamy-white flowers with apricot-pink centres, which are an excellent choice if you covet naturalising bulbs.
Lonicera fragrantissima is an invaluable border shrub providing sweet, fragrant, creamy-white flowers from late winter into spring, which are followed by red berries.