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puff filled with cream or custard


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We filled these shells with Glamour, the creampuff innocence of idiots, the naughty silence of sharkfins slicing oily waters" ("Stolen Lingo," in "Glamour").
A great example of the "pre" and "post" Subprime loan pricing levels is our loan on a 75,000SF family-owned creampuff of an office building on East 57th Street in Manhattan.
As attractive as the compensation is, the coursework is no creampuff. When you're working with enough voltage to cause serious injury, the pace is measured and careful.
The $1,200 premium sound system option is a creampuff compared to Lexus' top-of-the-line Mark Levinson hardware.
The romance between moon-calf Nicolas Cage as a captain of the Italian occupying forces and smoldering Penelope Cruz as the local doctor's daughter is pure Hollywood creampuff: It could almost have been shot in the 1950s as a vehicle for Sophia Loren.
At least half a dozen gay and lesbian papers have folded during the past few months, including Edge in Los Angeles; the San Francisco Spectrum and Creampuff in San Francisco: David Magazine and Ms.
Not exactly the creampuff you'd like to see while trying to bounce back from St.
Often, they can get into trouble by failing to properly maintain a creampuff. Too often, pilots also scrimp on themselves, failing to get type-specific or recurrent training.
If these rascals delay long enough, they are let off with creampuff penalties.
Most of the other candidates did favors for their allies by tossing them a creampuff question.
International Press Prize: A tie between "Creampuff" by Jared Seide (U.S.) and "En el espejo del cielo" by Carlos Salces (Mexico).
FRANKLIN - After Phil Kessel finished fielding the creampuff questions from precocious fifth-graders here at the John F.
DON'T EXPECT to find a creampuff of a car "owned by a little old lady who only drove it to church on Sunday," but if you're in the market for a well-used but well-maintained four-door sedan, large or small pickup truck, utility van or even a bus, check out the third annual Lane County and Lane Transit District surplus sale that will take place Nov.
Howe, 33, is being cast as a creampuff. He was knocked down twice and stopped in the first round by "The Contender" alumnus Joey Gilbert in his last appearance nine months ago.
At least they'll be dealing with more pressing issues than the foolish ones they deal with today, like human rights, good government, and social fairness which is for namby panby creampuffs. And people who don't have good jobs either, I might add.