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the property of having the thickness of heavy cream


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Of the Bombay Shrimp, Dum Ka Murgh, Saag Gosht, Murgh Patiala and Chili Potato, I really loved the coconuty creaminess of the Bombay shrimp, but the shrimp had become rubbery as it sat out too long.
Deliciously fruit forward, with tiers of tropical stone fruits, there's a lovely creaminess to the tingly, juicy fruit and toasty characters.
Tesco Finest Yarra Valley Chardonnay (PS11, 12.5% abv) is fermented and aged in oak barrels and has a beautiful balance of acidity and tropical fruit with a delicate creaminess and a touch of spice.
"The creaminess and richness of flavors in a latte is why the drink is a classic favorite," says Jessica Jusuf, co-founder of JJ Royal Coffee, based in San Francisco.
The complaints come after Tesco cut the salt and sugar content of their custard creams - saying 250 testers agreed the new version had the "correct amount of crumbliness and creaminess".
It can be sprinkled or spooned and can add color as well as creaminess. You'll find it a perfect accent to enhance the taste of almost any dish that meets it.
The sweet creaminess of the Glenkinchie whisky is perfect with spicy, crunchy haggis and tangy mayo.
Nitro IPA (7.5% ABV) has initial creaminess that gives way to hop intensity gathered from Amarillo, Centennial, Galaxy, Polaris, Simcoe, and Zeus hops.
"Very smooth, has a hoppiness and a creaminess," said taster Ernie Adamo.
"Based on traditional Taiwanese and Korean shaved ices, Snowdays combines the fluffy texture of snow with the flavor and creaminess of ice cream," Robinson said.
The stone is viewed from directly overhead, and four aspects of the light reflected from it may be noted: 'a' is the bright spot of light to the left of centre; 'b' is the bright vertical arc to the right of centre (the 'eye'); 'c' is another, but fainter, spot of light further to the right; and 'd' is a general area of creaminess to the right side of effect 'b'.
And also because bananas have a texture that can easily emulate that of cream so it gives a creaminess to everything.Once you've made it into cream, add soft dates or ripe fresh dates; and add cardamom powder.
Great Taste judges described Gelato Gold Coconut Cream as 'a really well made ice cream using excellent ingredients, with real intensity and freshness of coconut flavour', and the Premium Mango Sorbet as having 'lovely colour and good creaminess.
They focused on the graininess, viscosity and creaminess of the product.
“The spectrum of flavors are a delight for those who like it hot,” said Owens, “but are not too intense for everyday chocolate lovers.” The fiery chili's slow, smooth heat is tempered by the juicy crisp green apple caramel and the soothing creaminess of rich chocolate.