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a small pitcher for serving cream

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WhiteWave Foods, a leader in coffee creamers and premium dairy products, will develop, manufacture and distribute Dunkin' Donuts Coffee Creamers.
There's certainly a 'Wow' factor associated with the Hard Creamers because they're completely different from anything else out there," Valdez said.
In late 2013, Founder and CEO Madeline Haydon set out to create the only unsweetened, dairy-free creamer with the consistency of real cream.
Mortgage fraudsters Michael Creamer, 51, and Anita Creamer, 50, of Parc Waen, Conwy, face imprisonment of 33 months if they fail to pay.
The sweet creamers are excellent in processing because of their good stability.
2) Place two half-and-half creamers on top of the ice in each of the containers.
Fletcher Creamer & Son are currently working on a Duraliner water line replacement project in Tacoma Park, MD, for the Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission and have submitted numerous joint Duraliner proposals within the New Jersey area.
We felt this would be a natural extension into creamers.
We're always looking for ways to get us closer to our mission to become the Earth's favorite food company, and packaging is a key area in which we can continue to make progress," said Mike Keown, President of Creamers.
The combination of rising countrywide obesity rates and an increasingly ubiquitous use of artificial coffee creamers sparked a desire in Kashani to revolutionize the way people drink coffee.
As a further benefit to our clients, our new ingredient is more concentrated and more effective, hence it significantly reduces formulation costs compared with other creamers available on the market," adds Dr Lopez.
So they came up with BAILEYS[R] Coffee Creamers -- delicious, non-alcoholic flavored coffee creamers, with all the quality and great taste for which BAILEYS is known.
Premium Line of Non-Alcoholic Coffee Creamers Adds Frosted Vanilla Cookie to This Year's Seasonal Offerings
Our survey shows the confusion that exists among consumers who use artificial non-dairy coffee creamers," commented LALA-USA Chief Marketing Officer, Randy Gier.