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having the color of fresh cream

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In the corner of the gallery stood an installation by the artist, depicting a woman's cream-colored dress dotted with images of bullets, a gas mask in place of the head.
At the luxurious Sandy Lane Resort (246-444-2000;, the offerings go way beyond the beautiful white sand and clear waters at the beach Your pampering begins with the Bentley that transports you from the airport to a cream-colored coral-stone Palladian-style building.
The company hopes to produce 15 million containers made of the fine white or cream-colored glass annually.
The patio furniture shows the same kind of understated elegance that we designed throughout the interior, and features a cream-colored outdoor fabric accented with terra cotta and green pillows.
At the top is the Lariat which boasts features not usually associated with toting cow manure like heated leather seats, automatic climate control and cream-colored gauges.
Takeshi Natsuno, co-creator of i-mode, was on stage wearing a cream-colored suit with no tie, while the firm must have written an I-don't-know-how-big check to get the (apparent) keitai fan Kato to try out the new models firsthand; she appeared surprised to find camera-quality digital photo capabilities in the new phones.
Left: Cream-colored sheer duster is embellished with silver, tangerine and fuchsia embroidery, worn over iridescent salmon-hued, multilayered chiffon skirt.
A well-camouflaged, 1/2-inch, brown-black and cream-colored PURITAN TIGER BEETLE (Cicindela puritana) races across the sand to catch an unsuspecting ant.
The cream-colored unitards, designed by Rakefet Levy, extended to cover the hands, giving the dancers unnaturally long arms, and the thigh-high black leg warmers gave them short legs.
The bathrooms feature cream-colored subway tiles, marble vanity tops and twin sinks.
The floor of the external auditory canal is covered with thick, cream-colored pus.
The highlight of the collection: $13,000 cream-colored satin gowns featuring magnolia leaves hand-painted by Pedro Cuni, the son of famous Spanish artist Jose, Cuni.
Her violet eyes were still open, and the frown that had been such a permanent feature on her cream-colored complexion was now replaced by a very faint smile.