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having the color of fresh cream

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Paint inexpensive furniture that has good lines-the cream-colored kitchen table at right was once dark wood.
A well-camouflaged, 1/2-inch, brown-black and cream-colored PURITAN TIGER BEETLE (Cicindela puritana) races across the sand to catch an unsuspecting ant.
The cream-colored unitards, designed by Rakefet Levy, extended to cover the hands, giving the dancers unnaturally long arms, and the thigh-high black leg warmers gave them short legs.
The bathrooms feature cream-colored subway tiles, marble vanity tops and twin sinks.
The floor of the external auditory canal is covered with thick, cream-colored pus.
The highlight of the collection: $13,000 cream-colored satin gowns featuring magnolia leaves hand-painted by Pedro Cuni, the son of famous Spanish artist Jose, Cuni.
Her violet eyes were still open, and the frown that had been such a permanent feature on her cream-colored complexion was now replaced by a very faint smile.
Cream-colored walls are bordered in a stylized floral pattern.
Three brook trout lay at their feet, heartbreakingly beautiful with their red and blue spots, olive backs melting into cream-colored bellies, and brilliant orange fins edged in black and white.
Subscribers receive, also, as a token of appreciation, high quality engravings of Italy, printed on heavy cream-colored paper, with a green mat border, suitable for framing.
Blood poured from the gash, and he smeared it in the freshly carved initials, turning to solemn brown the fresh cream-colored cuts in the tree.
A genuine leather spine, solid front and back construction, canvas and leather exterior and soft, cream-colored microfiber interior provide maximum device protection.
Men will wear navy blue blazers with the Olympic team patch, along with a red and navy tie, and cream-colored flat-front pants.
Working with Edward, who was so enthusiastic for so long about this great script, was definitely the original attraction for me,'' said Watts, dressed in a cream-colored Givenchy dress.