cream soda

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sweet carbonated drink flavored with vanilla

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In a corner of the bowl, mix in some of the cream soda and ice into the vegetable and cornstarch mixture, but not fully mixing in.
Called 'marble soda' because the bottle is sealed with a marble instead of a lid, it's like cream soda and is Japan's taste of summer.
Homemade soft drinks include, of course, cream soda, coffee soda and chocolate egg creams, plus a lemon-lime soda bursting with flavor.
The crazy burger has a real wow factor with its jalapeno havarti, coleslaw, chipotle mayo, bbq sauce, hot peppers and lettuce.And when things get too spicy, a sip of Boylan cream soda does the trick.
Sellers' collection will be published in 2015 and will include original and extraordinary recipes such as edible Beef and Dripping candles, along with Rhubarb and Custard Cream Soda.
and AriZona Beverages to launch the Soda Shaq cream soda line nationwide.
and grated nutmeg and the tyranny of sugar and pure cream soda
winery also makes its own old-fashioned small-batch soda in flavors like cream soda, black cherry, and root beer--all using real cane sugar.
Nose: Complex--yeasty, vanilla, caramel, eucalyptus, cream soda, toasted hazelnuts, white-pepper spice, sweet orange.
The green Ice Cream Soda stands out in face of various local and imported drinks as effectively as it did six decades ago.
Brown's Cream Soda," People magazine quoted Braunstein as saying.
Eating/drinking ice cream soda. Also, my parents were separated and I lived with my mum and I used to go places with my dad like the zoo and Battersea Fun fair.
And reader said Pam Wilkinson said: "I only need to think of the taste and smell of Ben Shaws cream soda and I think of going to the Albany Hall on Saturdays roller skating".
Purity's range includes lemonade, dandelion and burdock and cream soda. It said that customer feedback showed a "marked preference" for traditional carbonates in glass bottles rather than the now more common plastic (PET).