cream puff

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puff filled with cream or custard


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Big, crisp cream puffs stuffed with ice cream are dessert (plain ice cream for the very timid).
There are 11 new colors -- Snow Day, Cream Puff, Skinny Latte, In The Buff, Red Rover, Sour Apple, Mud Mask, Raisin Cane, Grey Matters, Blue Yonder and Fade To Black.
Put cream puff paste in a pastry bag with a plain 1/2-inch tip.
A FEW Rangers and Celtic fans took the cream puff when I suggested that Aberdeen boast the best travelling support in the country.
Great collectors item, whether you keep the cream puff or not, you have the original prop from the movie.
310) 477-7777, will see a special dessert, zeppola di San Giuseppe, a large fruit-and-cream-stuffed cream puff topped with a cherry, also seared Maine day-boat scallops, jumbo soft-shell crab and a pea soup with white truffle oil and reggiano rocca chips.
NACHO NOVO taking the cream puff was giving Bears a sore head up and down the countryRangers fans were dismayed at the audacity of the Spaniard when he blanked manager Alex McLeish after being given the hook at East End Park on SundayIan Murdock, Shettleston, Glasgow, said'Novo's attitude after being substituted was disgusting as he has been rotten for weeks.
There wasn't so much as a cream puff in sight for afters as the band wanted strawberries, grapes and cantaloupe melon instead.
STAN COLLYMORE has taken a cream puff, and flounced out of the 'set' of Channel 5 reality TV show The Farm, because Vanilla Ice 'wasn't working.
Put cream puff dough in a pastry bag with a plain 1/2-inch tip.
Perhaps they didn't want co-commentator Terry Butcher to take the cream puff.
Use it as a cream puff filling or simply serve it in stemmed glasses like a chocolate mousse.
Pastry chef Jean-Claude Canestrier pleases with a lilting Armagnac and prune-sauced warm apple crisp, sends chocolate shock waves with his melty chocolate tart and brings new meaning to Napoleon with a dramatic berries and cream puff pastry pyramid ($8 each).
On March 8, Sakanaka served her daughter tea and a cream puff and urged her to eat up but when the daughter refused, citing a strange taste, an argument ensued, police said.
For dessert we were served a Chocolate Cream Puff With Strawberry Truffle Filling.