cream puff

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puff filled with cream or custard


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A cream puff is worth $5,000 and a lemon is only worth $2,000.
Robert no doubt thinks I must be a cream puff at times myself.
So you can fill your cream puffs with the pastry cream.
When icing on the tree is set, begin at the base of the tree, and use two toothpicks slanted upward to secure each Cream Puff around the lower edge of the tree.
The Big E Cream Puff and The Big Eclair made right here in The Big E Cream Puff Bakery in the New England Center
This year's event coincides with the Oakridge Ukelele Festival and the Cascade Cream Puff, a 100-mile mountain bike race.
The optimization goals are maximizing its daily sales profit, minimizing overtime and maximizing the utility of machines used in the production of muffins and cupcakes, brownies, cream puff, cheese tarts and egg tarts.
LUXIVA Lasting Cream Eyeshadow is available in seven luscious, stay-true shades: Sugared Almond, a shimmery taupe; Cream Puff, a shimmery vanilla; Nectar, a shimmery peach; Toffee, a shimmery bronze; Bubble Gum, a pale low-pearl pink; Wheat, a matte nude; and Ivory, a matte beige.
The patisserie styled pot contains four flavours Strawberry Cream, Raspberry Cream, Chocolate Cream Puff & Cream Tart.
For Valentine's Day, look for such specials as shrimp in a cognac sauce with puff pastry ($14), grilled filet mignon with duck mousse and a Madeira wine sauce ($27), a lamb steak and lamb chops mixed grill ($24), a duo of baked salmon and sea bass ($22) and a cream puff with fresh berries ($8) for dessert.
You might not expect a movie concerned with Stanley Kubrick to be a larky cream puff, but thanks to Malkovich, Color Me Kubrick is just that.
Recipes include Walnut Meringue Crescents, Cream Puff Swans, Stuffed Sweet Mini-Peppers, Roasted Butternut Squash Soup, Vegetarian Lasagna Roll-Ups, German Country-Fried Steak Dinner, and much more.
Origins Peeper Pleaser, PS14 The Cream Puff soft-cream beige colour is perfect for the outer shade when you are working the smoky-eye look.